beauty: your body and your body lotion

What’s in your BODY LOTION?

20150315_202320You’ve seen ingredients like Sodium Lactate, Glycerin and Ceramides right?  Did you know that these ingredients in the bottle are the same ones in you body?

Sodium Lactate: is a salt found in lactic acid, which your body makes when you exercise.  In lotion, it coats your skin and locks in moisture. (Ahava & Cetaphil are two that contain SL).

Glycerin: found in your skin’s fatty tissues is so good at preventing water loss that brands sometimes add a synthetic version to creams. (Vaseline Intensive Care, Eucerin & Jason contain glycerin as one of their ingredients).

Ceramides: are fats that help keep skin soft and strong.  Moisturizers with ceramides are especially good for ultra-dry skin. (CeraVe lotion is a well known brand that contains this).

Every good lotion should contain oils which penetrate skin to help rehydrate, plump, and fill in tiny cracks.  Coconut oil, olive oil & avocado oil are good natural ones.

Did you know?

Even lotions labeled “unscented” may contain masking fragrances that neutralize the smell of other ingredients – and companies don’t have to list them on the label.  So if you have ultra-sensitive skin, you should do a patch test first when using a new cream or body lotion.

Care to share which body lotion you’re using?



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