beauty – find it everywhere

20150401_112855What never escapes my attention is all kinds of beauty products from makeup to skincare to candles & accessories.  I might not buy everything I see but there is  enjoyment in looking at pretty objects of desire.  The different smells, the packaging, the discovery of something new and the pure beauty of it all.

Spotted today on Main Street:20150401_11313920150401_113255
These sweet sterling silver plated jewelled hair-pins from Lucky Feather.  Available at front and company  3742 + 3746 Main Street.  $9

Some temptations that smell good enough to eat – at Barefoot Contessa – 3715 Main Street.

Maria Evora
Maria Evora body lotions and soaps from SPAIN
Blithe Bunnt
Blithe & Bunny – handmade in the USA (honey almond)
ILLUME coconut milk mango
ILLUME coconut milk mango


Go be Lovely – USA

Roberts Rose Cleansers & Toners from Italy

Raising the bar – while you’re there you should try the latte & lemon bar at Coco et Olive – 3707 Main St.  The very best lemon bar!20150401_121652

Be dashing, bold and fearless

Photos: d. king


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