Style: Sneakers

Did I just put the words sneakers and style in the same sentence?

Vans in all the right shades
Vans in all the right shades

It seems so.  I’ve been drawn more and more to these adorable sneakers that look good with capris and rolled-up or cut-off jeans.  These are not the same as running shoes (ones you use to actually run in), they’re meant for walking and comforts sake.  A Sneak Peek:

My pair
My Vans slip-ons that go with everything
Superga platform hearts

This doesn’t mean that I’ve given up on shoes with heels, it’s just that the styles I’ve stumbled upon are so cute and practical that I feel like buying several pairs.

Something is happening to me. Lately I’ve found myself twice in the downtown Vans store considering the sunflower pair and the silver glitter lace-ups but I ended up walking out (literally) with Van Doren limited edition 80’s slip-ons. They’re a bit abstract and kind of Warholish.  I also like the Italian Superga leopard, houndstooth, linen, metallic and perforated leather pairs.  This is worrisome.  I hope it’s just a phase like the Reebok cool-girl hightops I used to wear in red, black and bubblegum pink – a period that fortunately did not last for very long. Because looking back they were not all that flattering.

Superga Leopard
Superga Leopard
Superga Annabel Platforms
Superga Annabel Floral Platforms

Until this is over I’ll just enjoy my casual lifestyle knowing that I can always slip on a pair of high heels to go out for dinner or dancing.  Mind you, recently I’ve even been wearing flats to dance tango.  Is this something I should be concerned about?  It’s good to diversify right?

What do you think about the latest crop of sneakers –  will they be replacing regular flats?


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