Food: Quality, Taste & Presentation

There are so many factors that go into a good food item like the three things mentioned above.

Roasted Tomato, Goat Cheese, Olive & Basil Tart. $6.99 slice
Roasted Tomato, Goat Cheese, Olive & Basil Tart. $6.99 slice

Besides dinner… there’s breakfast, lunch & snack time.  What appeals to you at one time might not at another.

20150401_120823Like when you crave a simple but well made grilled cheese sandwich or clubhouse and another time something totally different like chicken pot pie (which I personally never crave but some people do).



Sometimes you come across something you see regularly in almost every restaurant or coffee shop but something looks different about it.  It somehow looks fresher, more appealing and makes you want to bite right into it.  I had that experience recently at Coco et Olive on Main street.  20150401_121036I was going for a simple latte and mid-afternoon snack but looking at all the goodies at the counter made it a challenging situation to choose only one thing.  At times like this you have to make a difficult decision.  You order something, take another thing home and decide to come back again and again to try everything you never thought you wanted.  See what I mean?

Best lemon bar & great latte.
Best lemon bar & a great vanilla latte

cocoCoco et Olive Cafe
–  3707 Main St.

Across the street you’ll find Liberty Bakery – 3699 Main Street

20150401_11032120150401_110328These pastries look so yummy.  Liberty used to be in my neighbourhood (it was called Elsie’s then).  They moved away and I couldn’t find them for ages until I came across the bakery by accident on Main Street.  I spotted the buttercream & mocha petit fours I love and used to buy regularly in their window.

What do you usually crave for snacking?

Photos: d. king


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