beauty: Anti anti-aging!

Are you as tired as I am of hearing all the buzz surrounding anti-aging marketing?

All the advertising in magazines, newspapers and the internet implies that most of us are not content to imagesage gracefully.

While this advertising is aimed at women primarily, lots of men are paying attention too, but I find the ads are misleading. No product on earth should make these claims unless they can actually back it up with proven research (without those cheesy re-touched before & after pictures).  How many of them can?

It’s not so much the fact of getting older but rather, looking older. If there was a magic pill to turn back the clock I’m sure everyone would take it.  In the meantime, and eventually, aging is going to happen – deal with it! The notion that age can and should be transcended underlies an industry that has profits in the billions in the United States alone. Paired with the spending power and consumer habits of a characteristically youth-oriented generation, the search for a means of taking control of and ultimately conquering age has been met with a surge in available products and procedures to meet this demand.

Photo: huffington post-uk
Photo: huffington

While I’m not against those who opt for plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures, the numbers of those choosing to have them frighten me.

How about good old natural measures? We can age gracefully and stay youthful depending on how well we treat ourselves and our surrounding environment.  What about using common sense and doing the best we can to stay strong and healthy.  What we should most be concerned about is avoiding stress. If you have a lot of stress it will age you faster than anything.

Naturally good genes are a bonus, but you can eat well, exercise in moderation, try to get enough sleep, don’t drink too much, be nice to yourself, treat others well, find humour in life and use good products. (My conscience tells me not to use those tested on animals)  There is no compromising in these areas. Not only will you feel better but it will make you look good on the outside too.

Some skincare products can help prevent further wrinkles from forming and certain vitamins can help further the aging process but they can’t do all the work. You have to work together.  But no matter what you do, the facts show that having a lot of stress (which we all do at times) in life weakens your system and in turn can contribute to sickness and aging. I suppose this is where meditation comes in handy (for those who know how to do it properly) and taking time out for yourself.

I don’t think anyone truly has all the answers but for me personally I find taking a long walk in fresh air helps to clear up thinking.  Lately I’ve gone back to yoga (or semi-yoga, semi-workout since I’ve been breaking out a sweat) classes to help me work on my “core” issues. Seeing the results makes me feel better and makes me want to continue to get in the best shape I possibly can.  Listening to music while cooking is another relaxer and dancing is always lots of fun.  Anything that lifts your spirits is good for you. Shouldn’t we be concentrating on that.

mind you, there's something about his ad I like
Speaking of lifting your spirits, there’s something about this ad I like

What do you do to look after yourself?

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