Feel-good Friday: FLAMENCO frenzy!

Have you ever seen, or remember the last time you saw a live Flamenco performance?

Kino Cafe
Kino Cafe

Last week I thought it about time to take in a show or two with a visiting friend who is a Flamenco singer.  Soulful, joyful, powerful, angry, sad and beautiful all rolled into one dance…that is so alive.

East is East
East is East

Thought I had a little bit of a gypsy in me when about 15 years ago I decided that I wanted to learn to dance Flamenco.  It was mostly to do with the tiered flouncy dresses and shoes.  I mean how feminine and nice are they? But I also love Spanish guitar.  After about 3 months of clapping and stomping my feet I decided to give it up.  My feet were getting sore and besides, no male partner!  It really is a difficult dance that takes years to properly learn.  After that it was salsa, west coast swing and tango, which I still do.

You know how to express the song when you’re carrying the pain of centuries with you. The Gypsy who knows how to do this gets it from his ancestors ahh, that explains things…These are real experiences which have accumulated within him…He suffers them; he lives them; he remembers all his own.

Pedro Peña/Gypsy Flamenco Singer & Guitaristflamenco1

To truly understand what flamenco is, you must know the cante (the song) very well. Flamenco is born in the cante, and if you take the experience of cante away from young people, they’re left with no roots. They’re left with empty musical forms, and when they build on them, they build without understanding the emotional substance that characterizes and differentiates the various forms.”

Manolo Sanlucar/Guitarrista

Stay close to anything that makes you glad you are alive” – Hafiz.

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