Foodie = Friends with Finesse

Thought I’d share some photos of meals my friends prepared last week. Starting with Bill’s Food on Prospect Lake:
islandfood1It helped that we ate outside and had an amazing view but that did not overshadow this chef’s creation of: charcoal grilled wild salmon with macadamia oil, dusted with magic dust from “The Hitching Post” from “Sideways” fame, creamed corn with chanterelles, onion & bacon and hand picked wild rice from North Western Ontario. Bill, did you pick that rice yourself?  It was magical!islandfood4

The salad of baby arugula, beets, blueberries, goat cheese and avocado in a vinaigrette of hazelnut oil, lime juice & a drop of honey.

THEN moving over to Piers Island:

Mel’s Meal:


It started with an appetizer of Bill’s (he gave me some to take over) venison tenderloin stew with chanterelle mushrooms & gnocchi. Rich, smoky & tasty.

The star in this dinner goes to the succulent giant prawns sourced from a local supplier and barbequed with butter, garlic, s+p and crushed red dried chillies from India stuffed with yogurt & masala spice.  Amazing!  Again, barbequed wild salmon (you know we can never get enough of those omega 3’s) but this time marinated with olive oil, maple syrup, lemon, s+p. Green beans with garlic chunks, olive oil & shaved parmesan.  Mel, you killed it!

Took’s Terrific Thai dinner:islandfood3

Our Bangkok evening – oh, we’re spoiled!  We helped ourselves to the most delicious home cooked Tom Ka Gai Coconut Chicken soup, Panang Curry, Thai Rice & Took’s secret sweet recipe of pork with tufu & veggies.  All this while watching Thai gogo dancers, wild music & goings on in Bangkok on an IPad.  Didn’t go with the view but we watched for a little while before deciding to just enjoy the quiet. We had a cherry pie for dessert but ended up having Lychee fruit instead because we were too full.  Took also made a beautiful spicyThai salad with tuna for lunch.

BEST PART:  I got a private cooking lesson the next day on how to make Panang Curry from scratch.  That’s how much I loved it.  I’ve made Thai curry pastes & curry before but not like this.  Took walked me through the whole way, all the while with a watchful eye.  I was tearing & chopping the leaves all wrong for garnish before this.  My sister came for dinner the night I got back to sample my new creation – successful review!

Kaffir Lime Leaves
Kaffir Lime Leaves


What did I make?  Nothing.  Well, islandfood6nothing like this. My little contribution was an assortment of baked goods – cookies, muffins & a blueberry/lemon loaf.  More breakfast/snack based items although we had breakfast cooked for us too.  Not sure I can invite any of these people over for dinner…unless they like hot dogs.  I have tons of condiments.

Photos: d. king


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