Feel-good Friday: well dressed

I’ve always had an affinity for horses and ponies, especially little shetland ponies who are extremely cute, sensitive and friendly.  What is it about me and animals with letters that start with S,H,E,L+T?  I wanted to take the one in the middle home.

Photo: d. king
Recent trip to the Okanagan – they came over to say hello.     Photo: d. king

 Bet you know one little girl who’d rather have the noble STEED than the handsome PRINCEshetlandponies2Why are these two ponies all dressed up?


We don’t need to take a gallop poll to know that when it comes to a high-fashion horse race, even the first lady of the United States (Michelle Obama who favours Jason Wu) and the future queen consort of England (Duchess Kate who fancies Alexander McQueen) might have trouble coming in ahead of these Shetland ponies rocking custom wool sweaters.

Scotland’s brainy national tourism organization thought up this ad.  While the ponies drew the attention, the agency seized the moment to tell us all the other reasons to travel to Scotland (like the scenery, some castles, haggis and whiskey). VisitScotland noted that the ponies are wearing sweaters created by Shetland knitter Doreen Brown using what else but...Shetland wool — rather plush knitwear that wouldn’t seem out of place in any trendy city hangout.

And they call me a clothes horse!


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