Art & Fashion – the ART of Shopping

 Who says that art should be only relegated to museums and galleries?

20 ELEMENTS, Joel Shapiro

Many coffee shops and restaurants (even some hair salons) like to display art from unknown artists, and if we’re lucky we can sometimes find work from celebrated artists we know of, in select high end design/furniture shops. There’s Art and then there’s Art!

I enjoyed looking at Picasso’s while dining in a restaurant in Las Vegas.  Mind you, it was the Picasso restaurant at the Bellagio and yes, his original paintings are displayed throughout the restaurant.  An art gallery within a restaurant.  But renowned art in a shopping mall? When have you seen that?

We already know that art and fashion have  something in common.  But do we dare draw the line between art and shopping in a mall?

NorthPark Centre in Dallas, Texas is no ordinary mall.  I’ve been there and as far as shopping in a mall goes (a mall is not my favourite place to shop or hang out), it’s a cut above. This year the centre is celebrating their 50th anniversary, and in conjunction is hosting an exhibition this fall called “Art Meets Fashion.”

Lee Ann Torrans 
Lee Ann Torrans

Raymond Nasher, who built NorthPark, and his wife, Patsy, were big collectors and proudly displayed the works they acquired throughout the shopping concourse because they believed that art should be seen, and not just in museums and galleries. Their daughter, Nancy Nasher and her husband, David Haemisegger, have given their promise to ensure that this mission lives on. They’ve expanded the NorthPark collection and helped to transform the shopping centre into one of the most visited public gallery spaces in America. 

Andy Warhol
Andy Warhol

So… (apparently it’s not proper to start a sentence with so….but I say “so what?”) now you can buy your Louis Vuitton or Gucci with a side of Roy Lichtenstein or Frank Stella.   How nice is that?

    Anish Kapoor North Park
Anish Kapoor North Park

Now, if only every mall was like this…what a wonderful art world it would be!

What do you think about this?

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