Food: Perch Restaurant

Well…it is a little off the beaten path as far as fine dining goes, but there’s definitely some perks to be found at PerchPerch1a new restaurant perched atop the alma mater society (AMS) building at UBC.  I said that I like to discover places that are out of the ordinary but I wasn’t expecting this.perch7

Tuna Appies

I went to the opening on a beautiful sunny afternoon yesterday where we were able to enjoy sitting outside on the roof deck patio with a view of the Northshore mountains.  I rode my scooter so parking was a cinch.  I was also curious about a reasonably priced upmarket restaurant on UBC’s Point Grey campus that anyone, not just students can go to.


It will be interesting to see how this restaurant makes out because of the location and it being upscale.

With decent prices students may be able to enjoy fine dining more than before. But the idea is not to limit the restaurant to only students, university staff & faculty, but to include residents from surrounding neighbourhoods.  If there is any indication of the quality in general from the platters that were being served, it will be quite good.

mixing up a most unusual margarity - with toasted sesame seeds. He used Jimador Tequila
mixing up a most unusual margarita – with toasted sesame seeds & Jimador Tequila

Overall the prices for large plate dishes cost anywhere from $13 to $24 while a similar meal downtown will run you ten dollars more.

I took a photo of a sample menu to show you below.perch11

my companions and I

They’re open for private functions too as the restaurant can hold up to 300 people, 180 seated.  They have a nice lounge and of course the outdoor patio and the menu is West Coast Cuisine with focus on fresh local ingredients.  We were given a tour of the roof top garden where fresh produce is grown so the chef does not have very far to go to bring it from farm to table.  I really like that, and some of the original ideas on the food + drink menu.perch3Parking?? That’s another thing to deal with unless you bike, bus or ride a scooter.  You will most likely have to walk a few blocks.  If that’s not a big deal for you, you might want to give it a try for something unique.  And if you can get your head past the fact that you’ll be dining on a university campus, especially if you come from downtown or kitsilano.  But why not try something different?  If anything it will make you feel like you’re back on campus but the food is much much better.

sample menu
sample menu – see the bone marrow with the Flank Steak at the bottom (see what I was saying?)

For date night?  Hmmmm……  

Photos: d. king

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