ART/LifeSTYLE – Rolling with Emilio PUCCI

I’m not so sure what to make of this…but would it be so wrong to hang a skateboard on my wall as an ART piece? I mean we hang masks, why not a skateboard?

Emilio Pucci Limited Edition Skateboards
Emilio Pucci Limited Edition Skateboards

I can ice skate and rollerblade, but I have never skated on a board and my dog barks at anyone who does.  But if I did (and was still in my 20’s or under), I would be attracted to this limited-edition Pucci skateboard collection.  pucci3

It wouldn’t be the first time a luxury brand has put its stamp on a recreational item (Chanel surfboards, Alexander Wang pool toys, Louis Vuitton golf bags, the list goes on). It is, however, the first time a brand tapped art students to reimagine its archives as something entirely new for the younger set. The resulting street decks are emblazoned with seven graphic takes on Pucci’s classic, color-happy prints. And while each one easily qualifies as an enjoy-from-afar art piece, they’re constructed from scratch-resistant Balkan beech wood and equipped with durable, trick-friendly wheels—in short, they’re meant for riding.

Instead of a traditional announcement, Pucci collaborated with NOWNESS on a short film to break the news.  HERE:

maybe I'll stick to the ART scarves
maybe I’ll stick to the ART scarves which not only fame your neck but can also be framed on your wall.


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