Style ICON – Catherine Deneuve

The CLASSICS never fadedeneuve15

I’m on a classic kick…with everything. deneuve11966CorbisIn fact, my two best friends growing up in Montreal were compared to the likes of a young Rita Hayworth and Catherine Deneuve so I’ve always been aware of these timeless beauties.  I think there was more to them than just their loooks; like a strong character and an ease with style.  They embodied charm, appeal and a bit of mystery. 

deneuve5So for style; who is best to exemplify classic cool French girl chic better than Catherine Deneuve?  Even today at 72 (she just celebrated her birthday this month), she’s still glamming it up, as per her appearance on the red carpet at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival, an event she has been attending since the 1960’s.  When she stepped out at the festival’s opening ceremony and the premiere of her new film,  Le Tête Haute, cinema goers and fans experienced a little Deneuve déjà vu.deneuve16

deneuve4resusa1968So looking back no words are needed because the photos speak for themselves.  Une belle du vie.

2015 - getty images
2015 – getty images

deneuve 17

Just like a good perfume that never changes
Just like a good perfume that never changes


Besides there is no one who has been able to pull off le trench as well as Deneuve.  I try, I trydeneuve8

Do you have a favorite STYLE ICON?

Photos: google images

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