beauty – the classics

Some PEOPLE, BRANDS and COLORS are classic and if they’re extra special some even turn out to be LEGENDS. What becomes a legend most – if not Sophia Loren?

October Issue of Bazaar
Two Italian Beauties.  An Ad in the October Issue of Harper’s Bazaar Magazine.                       Sophia is #1 and so is this lipstick.

The current trend with magazines is to showcase classic movie stars and current IT-girl celebrities to help promote certain luxury skincare and cosmetics lines – for a double dose of glamour.

It’s quite brilliant actually.

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence is anything but the SHY type

While regular models are appealing, there’s something memorable about having a classic like Sophia Lauren (this is a woman) promote a classic lip color or having a younger modern movie actor like Jennifer Lawrence (who I think is great) to call attention to a luxury makeup brand.

It goes to prove that certain shades, brands and people transcend age and time – which defines classic. 

With Isabella Rosselini - she was the face of Lancome for 14 years
The Natural – with Isabella Rossellini this past April. She was the face of Lancome for 14 years.  We first met 26 years ago.  She still glows.

While on the subject, there’s a certain allure with not being too perfect as in having a slightly asymmetrical face or a nose that’s maybe considered a bit too big for your face or lips that are just….normal.  We shouldn’t strive to all look the same.  Beauty is built out of character, resolve and confidence.  I’ve always believed that. Women like Lauren Hutten, Isabella Rossellini and Barbra Streisand are not classic beauties in a conventional sense but they are true to themselves, strong, intelligent and extremely attractive. They’ve turned their little imperfections into their personal branding. And men love them! So more power to them.

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