Beauty – and the Bathroom

Have you given much thought to the importance of BEAUTY IN THE BATHROOM?

soap-on-a-rope is Verbena from L'Occitane
Lemon Verbena soap-on-a-rope from L’Occitane.  I visited the original store in Provence, France.

After all, it’s the place where we store all of our treasured beauty products.  It’s where we disappear to first thing after waking to brush our teeth, wash our face, etc. and the last place before bedtime to repeat the same routine all over again.

I absolutely love my bathroom!  Maybe that sounds strange, but I do.

It’s smallish but has windows which brings in natural light and it’s my personal private refuge and I like to keep it neat and tidy. I also like to surround myself with things of beauty that I love and products that make me feel good.  I also have a few items sitting on my shelf that I rarely if ever use just because I only like to admire them – only for show – only for me, no one else.  That can’t be considered shallow then, right?

Things like delicate and gorgeous collectible perfume bottles (some as gifts)bathroom6 and a few Hermès beauty items (on the opposite shelf) that haven’t been touched because they seem almost too pretty to disturb and an aquarium window with fish decals stuck to it.  So I can remind myself of my scuba diving days.  I’m such a child.  Also an Amber room spray in a beautiful old-fashioned French perfume bottle from L’Occitane. I want to feel like I’m somewhere else for a little while.  I need to escape.  I consider it my womanly equivalent of the “man-cave.”  Speaking of man caves, I visited a friend this summer and her boyfriend actually has a man-cave…really! I thought they were just a myth. It’s locked (only he has the key) and my friend doesn’t even know what’s inside.  I won’t tell you what’s in it – because I had a glimpse when I snooped he opened it up to show someone (I was shocked) and it’s not at all my style but then again I can’t relate to what men like to hide.  Which makes me think that we need to have some privacy away from our significant other – a sanctuary of our very own. Even if it’s only a corner space. And some things should really be kept private. Do you agree?

I adore my old-fashioned cast-iron bathtub (the feet have been re-painted white from the original silver) and when I take a bath, I take a bath!  It’s a ritual with bath salts, bubble bath and candles and at night sometimes a glass of wine (I have a wine holder on my tub).  So relaxing!  It has piped in music.  I light some candles and just relax! I use masks, scrubs, and lotions. It’s like my little haven. It’s definitely a girly bathroom.  Now I have two orchids sitting on my bathroom window ledge – gifts from two friends.  They look beautiful – not too much.  They sit among some of the many shells I’ve collected (I could actually live outdoors in perfect climate condition). One is a large clam shell that I found snorkelling in the Sinai Peninsula and there’s also a beautiful piece of fan coral that washed up on the beach in Negril. I still can’t believe I was able to get away with taking it on the plane. It’s so very delicate that I just carried it on in a plastic bag.  My overall tastes run high and low.   I value things I’ve pick up on the shore as much as my Hermès dusting powder which sits in its gorgeous silver case (on my shelf of course, to be admired).  I love my illustrated mermaid book from an art store in Florida.  Everything has a meaning or a meaningful memory.

I love flowers, perfume, and feminine things.  That has never (and probably will never) change.  My mother was the same way.  She was very feminine and took care of her skin and had a signature scent.  I miss her so much.  She was so genuine and took pleasure in simple things and loved nature.  I think it’s important to hold on to things like that.  We really lose track of how to relax in such a fast-paced world.

This year I had my bathroom painted a colour I would have never considered before.  Chocolate Brownbathroom8I had a few samples narrowed down and for fun asked my dog to make the final decision.  He actually put his paws on one of the samples, so I chose that one.  When I turned the sample around it was named “Dog Paw.”  This is no word of a lie – I swear! Can you believe there is even a colour with a name like that? Neither could I. But maybe they’re referring to dirty dog paws and the tracks they leave on your floor.  Well that makes sense. Then I had a wall painted a tropical blue as an accent colour – just to remind me of being in the Carribbean. Thought it might be a bit too much but it could always be changed…. ended up loving it.  It’s bright and cheery. Bill the handyman really did an excellent job. He can do anything. I’m going to write a post soon on the people we need in our lives – a handyman is one of them!  TRUE!

I think you need to make each room in your home a little different, but meaningful.

It’s not only me right?

Below are a some photos of bathrooms that appeal to me –  from martha stewart living:

Photo: Matthew Hranek  Modern Bathroom
Photo: Matthew Hranek.  Modern Bathroom
a simple cast-iron tub in a rustic barn home 
a simple cast-iron tub in a rustic barn home.
Photo: Victoria Pearson
Photo: Victoria Pearson
Easy Elegance
Easy Elegance
Photo: Chuck Baker Skylands - Martha's Maine summer home.
Photo: Chuck Baker
Skylands – Martha’s Maine summer home.

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