Holiday Dessert – Pumpkin Ice Cream

Do you remember my homemade coffee and chocolate ice cream made easy recipes?  pumpkinicecream3Since then I’ve made homemade French vanilla which turned out very tasty and a great base to making lavender/honey, green tea and cinnamon – all delicious!  I decided not to post those recipes just yet – they are a bit more involved.  However…

Thanksgiving in America in this Thursday November 26th, so if you want to switch up your pumpkin pie at a late notice (assuming that is what you are planning to serve for dessert – many people do) then I have the most perfect, light, easy and presentable after dinner treat. And you don’t have the time to make a homemade vanilla ice cream on top of it right now.

I love pumpkin pie but this is a welcome change and has been tested (by some impatient people):


Dad’s Secret (& Most Yummy) Pumpkin Ice Cream

– Serves 10-




½ GALLON HAAGEN-DAZS, or other high-quality vanilla ice cream (1.89 liter, or 4 of the normal-size H-D containers).

1 PUMPKIN. This is optional, because you can just use a bowl to serve the dessert. But the pumpkin makes for a nice serving dish, and reinforces the “home-made” fallacy. See picture below for an idea of pumpkin scale.pumpkinicecream2


1) You will need some space in the freezer for the pumpkin, so make room in your freezer.

2) Clean the pumpkin out like you would a Halloween pumpkin: cut off the top, and clean the insides out. The seeds are fun to roast with salt and a little olive oil, while you make the rest of the ice-cream. If you don’t want a pumpkin as a serving dish, you can skip this step and it all becomes even easier.

3) Place the pumpkin in the freezer so it starts getting cold.

4) In a large mixing bowl, mix: the ice-cream, 1 ½ cans of pumpkin, and 2 Tablespoons nutmeg. Mix it around good until it is a uniform pumpkin color.

5) Taste it  – add more pumpkin and/or nutmeg if you want.

6) Take the pumpkin out of the freezer, and spoon the now semi-melted pumpkin ice-cream into the pumpkin

7) Place the top on the pumpkin, and put in the freezer. It takes a while for it to get to a normal consistency. I like making this ice-cream the day before any event so you don’t worry about it being too soupy.

8) Bring to the party and relish all the compliments/Enjoy.

Source (recipe & photos):

If you make it I would appreciate your comments.







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