style – Middle Sister

A NEW BOUTIQUE on Vancouver’s 4th Ave.middle8

middle9Like any middle child knows, the central position in the sibling hierarchy has its challenges – constantly seeking approval from older siblings and trying (and often failing) to establish some sort of dominance over the “baby” of the family. Linda, who is the owner and stylist knows this all too well: when you’re in the middle of the pack you have to shout a little louder in order to be heard.

Luckily I never had to do this. I’m the eldest of three – I have a brother and sister so I got to boss them around which was my established right.  But back to the boutique…


Middle Sister is the culmination of Linda’s desire to express herself. Inspired by the places she’s travelled and the people and things she’s fallen in love with, the boutique is a love letter to the life she’s lived and an invitation to those wanting to join her on her journey.  There is a nice cross section of everything from clothing (local and international designs), accessories (I bought a beautiful leather wrap-around belt with tassles), home accents and cool cards for every occasion.

Fun Leggings
Fun Couture Leggings – the logo certainly appeals to me


At Middle Sister, the focus is exploration and discovery, of being introduced to something new and stimulating. Here, you won’t have to shout to be heard. The focus is always on you.  That speaks to my heart!

FO.BE - handcrafted in Athens
FO.BE – statement jewelery handcrafted in Athens.  


Address: 2137 West 4th Ave

Photos: d. king





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