style classics – Mary Jane Memoirs

I’ve been going through all my shoes deciding which ones to keep, which ones to give away but when it comes down to my Mary Janes I have a hard time parting with any of them.

Manolo Blahnik Mary Janes - a REALITY SHOE
REALITY SHOE      (Photo: HBO)

The Sex and the City Moment: 

When Carrie Bradshaw sees a pair of Manolo Blahnik Mary Janes for the very first time in a fashion closet and cries out, “I thought these were an urban shoe myth!”  

From flats to heels, the Mary Jane might just be one of the most iconic and versatile shoes of all time.  No other footwear has been through as much evolution as the popular-to-this-day Mary Jane.

Legend has it the name came from a comic strip dubbed Buster Brown in the New York Herald in 1902. In the comic, a little girl named Mary Jane wore flat shoes with a small leather strip across the front. Since then, everyone from Mary Quant to Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior and Rei Kawakubo has capitalized on the style. The Mary Jane looks particularly chic —and it seems every designer is putting their own twist on the emblematic shoe.

Here is a TIMELINE of some of her best moments:


Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

The Mary Jane played a key role in model-off-duty style during the 60s, as seen on Twiggy and Jean Shrimpton.


In Clueless, Cher shows her love of the essential style in multiple scenes—whether they’re white patent with a thick heel or flat and metallic, paired with over-the-knee socks.



The fictional but stylish Alice in Wonderland sports a pair of black Mary Janes and knee-socks during her adventures with massive caterpillars, talking cats and rude flowers.

Photo: Getty Images
Getty Images


Cate Blanchett takes a step out at the Venice Biennale in a long green gown and simple pair of black patent leather Mary Janes.

Speaking of cartoons, I just watched the non-animated film version of “Cinderella” and Cate Blanchett plays a perfectly awful step-mother.  Great rendition of the classic Disney fairytale (just had to tell you).

THE NEW CROP – Fresh off the Runwaymaryjane1

Today’s versions come in metallic shades, covered in glitter, in lush velvets and with the occasional Lucite heel.

Mary Janes came elegantly gilded at Rodarte, in geometric shapes at Giles and even in the form of sugary-sweet pastel boots at the SS16 collections.

AND here’s another reason to love dancing the TANGO:

from Comme il Faut - Buenos Aires (I bought shoes there).
Come il Faut – Buenos Aires (I bought shoes there). Soft Black Silk…Ahhhhh


Source: Kristen Bateman for “The List” – Harper’s Bazaar















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