Style – the SKINNY on Jeans

I’m definitely a SKINNY girl when it comes to wearing jeans.  skinny2Believe me I have all kinds and all lengths from faded and distressed to torn up and dressed-up dark denim and I love them all but 9 times out of 10 I will go to grab my skinnys.  It seems to be the most flattering for my body type and like a legging (which I also tend to live in ) the most versatile for layering and wearing a blouse or sweater over top.    You can dress the skinny up or down as they look equally good with heels or plain white runners (not the ones for actual running). Even though I secretly long to wear my super soft Hudson bell bottoms with hippie boots…I just never get around to doing so.

Kate Moss - google images
Kate Moss – google images


My favourite skinny jeans are ones that have a little bit of stretch but don’t lose their shape when washed.  And just like another simple staple (the White T-shirt),  it’s not so easy to find the perfect fit.  They’re everywhere but all are not created equal.

Which brings me to a recent article in Vogue talking about the Superfine labelHave you heard of it?

Long before the skinny jean had reached its zenith of popularity,  Superfine was pioneering the shape. Launched more than a decade ago, the label rose to prominence on the gams of cool-girl stalwarts like Kate Moss and Sienna Miller, in many ways becoming synonymous with a particular brand of lean, London rock chic. Says the brand’s founder, former stylist Lucy Pinter: “At that time there were a ton of denim brands that came out of L.A. Everything was blue and distressed and bootleg. Back then I started because we wanted to make a skinny jean and no one did one. Obviously that silhouette—with no branding—other people ran with that and did very well with [it].” With the designer denim boom that followed not long after, the line remained something of a cultish entity, never fully taking hold in the United States.

Photo: Courtesy of Superfine
Photo: Courtesy of Superfine

All that will surely soon change, though; Pinter and co. are doubling down their efforts stateside, having launched in the U.S. for fall with an array of stockists (Saks Fifth Avenue, Shopbop, and Nordstrom). Strong retail hopes aren’t the only thing Superfine is banking on; the designer herself has relocated to Los Angeles, where production of a brand-new secondary range, Fine By Superfine, will be based. As Pinter tells, “The problem with our denim in the past was it was all being made with Italian fabrics, in Italy, with these incredibly high-end wash developments and zippers and hardware. It became really expensive, so we sort of out-priced ourselves from that really lucrative denim market.” Per Pinter, the aim was to isolate Superfine’s more typically “contemporary” elements (jersey, sweats, and yes, plenty of denim) and give them room to breathe under the Fine By label.

That’s just  super fine by me.  I’ll be on the lookout for the label.

 I’m curious to find out which jeans are your go-to favourites?


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