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I can never resist sitting around a piano bar, especially in Palm Springs where they’re an institution. This year marks the 100th birthday of Frank Sinatra.  That’s Life!

Melvyn's - photo: d. king
Melvyn’s – photo: d. king

Sing us a song, you’re the piano man

Sing us a song tonight

Well, we’re all in the mood for a melody
And you’ve got us feelin’ alright – Billy Joel

jumping out of my cake
jumping out of my cake

For my birthday last week there were eight of us at Tropicale and after dinner six of us escaped to the piano lounge to hear a man with a story who has  been playing for over 40 years with renowned people such as Frank Sinatra.  Just a pianist and a bass guitarist playing familiar standard classics mixed with a little jazz which put me in the mood to order a cocktail I may otherwise never bother to order at home (especially since I don’t like the taste of liquor) and don’t even know what’s in most of the drinks. Something like an old fashioned because I like the name but I decided on a ginger martini.

I settled for an Appletini
I settled for an Appletini to go along with the mood at Melvyn’s.  This one’s on Frank. Photo: d. king

The few cozy little tables that were set up around the piano and the music they were playing tempted us to want to linger longer. So there we were…

then on Saturday night I ended up at Melvyn’s piano bar (at the Ingleside Inn) to experience that same old fashioned feeling before leaving town.  The place was packed and when Melvyn (the owner who was in house that evening) found out I was from Vancouver he told me he recently had a private dinner with Jimmy Pattison (a local billionaire businessman) at the Frank Sinatra compound that Pattison stays at when in Palm Springs. I won’t mention some of the other things he said cause he’s been around a long time and he’s met everyone (photos of him with everyone from Frank Sinatra and Lucille Ball to Cher take up at least one wall). Paintings of Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, Jimmy Dean & Elvis Presley from renowned celebrity pop artist Dan Tarantola are on another wall.

The evening was lots of fun. All ages enjoying campy, familiar, fun, feel-good upbeat tunes. I need to find me a piano bar at home.melvyn3

If I were mayor it would be mandatory in every restaurant

cause I’m an uptown/downtown kinda gal!


One thought on “Music/Culture: Piano Bar

  1. Oh the piano bars!🎶👏🏻 We have a few great ones here in ft Lauderdale. My fave is Seasons52 @ The Galleria. A good friend of ours plays there. He played with all the great bands of our time! It’s across the street from our condo…easy & safe! 😉 Sorry I missed your birthday celebration! Love the cake pic!!!🎉❤️ Safe travels home! 👸🏼 Sent from my iPhone


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