Feel-good Friday: it’s a blonde thing

You can’t change the world overnight but you can change your hair in an hour and the world will be a better place!

I'm feeling Blonde all over
Feeling Blonde all over

Not that I need to have more fun in my life but it doesn’t hurt to find out if it gets better 

Finally a man that understands my worth
Finally a man that understands I’m really a princess.

We women need some change now and then and what better way than to start with a new haircut or hair color.  For me it’s usually color because I prefer to keep some length. I don’t take too many chances with cuts. I took chances when I was younger and wasn’t always crazy about the results – especially the perm or the Mia Farrow pixie cut that I had no say in (at five years old, on account of my mom having to cut my very long hair short because I had a huge tangle that she couldn’t comb out.  She grabbed the scissors and started chopping). Now I understand why dogs get embarrassed when they have a shaved look.  I never forgot but I did end up forgiving her years later.

The Inside Job
The Inside Job

For color I’ve had beautiful black and brown, awesome auburn, really red and various shades of blond hair.  In the past I’ve loved my long black hair and my vibrant red (which was a pleasant surprise but very hard to keep looking fresh not to mention the expense – darn it!). It must be noted that the Brazilian hairstylists do the best highlights ever. And as it turns out the color that suits me best is a rich auburn.

Four years ago I went to my hairdresser to try blond again.  My regular hairstylist was not around and a new guy stepped in and suggested I leave it up to him and try something different and before I knew it I was a redhead.  A shocking bright redhead… and he didn’t even tell me he was doing that.  That’s how stupid trusting I was. For me it was stepping out of my comfort zone and I almost started to cry.  But then I got lots of compliments (although at first I was sure everyone was lying to make me feel better) and realized that it really did suit me in an unnaturally sexy kind of way and decided to keep up my new red facade. I even changed my makeup and clothing to match my new hair – started wearing more green (researching photos of Julianne Moore as my muse).

Then after about three weeks all my redhead dreams faded away and I was a brassy shade of reddish blondish brown and could not locate that same hairstylist fill-in again for the life of me (believe me, I really tried – these people are so transient it’s not even funny).

Synopsis: I think red hair on certain women looks dynamite and shiny black hair is very striking.  Then there are the various shades of blond.  And it’s not even that I find blonde hair makes every woman look younger.  It’s not about that. Many times it has the opposite effect. So then, why blond?

Because as strange as it sounds all women secretly want to feel what it’s like to be a blond even if they know it doesn’t really suit them, if that makes any sense (but never question it).  It’s similar to putting on a pair of high heels. The effect is more lightness (ha, ha) fun & sexy even if temporarily. The best thing about hair is that it can be changed back as quickly as a trip to the hairdresser or drugstore.  Infact this latest hair job came from a box at the drugstore and done in a hotel room by a very patient person…moi!


I like to feel blonde all over – Marilyn Monroe



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