Style: the Travel Jacket – more function than fashion

Don’t think I’m going off on a tangent here just because I’ve been posting lately about glamping.  Mind you there is something freeing about not having to second guess your outfits while spending time in the great outdoors.traveljacketThe main thing about getting ready for a trip (be it by air or road) is the packing and deciding what to bring and a big part of that is your go-to jacket because you don’t want to carry so much bulk. You need something to cover up in that will keep you warm, be comfortable and at the same time go with pretty much everything except your dressy wear. Something you can throw in the washing machine and not worry about it falling apart too.

My gore-tex jacket is something I never leave home (for any length of time) without.  It’s light and folds up easily to fit in a suitcase or under the seat of the camper, it’s totally wind and water proof so will keep me dry when need be and if it’s super cold outside then I can always wear a fleece underneath (which zips right in).  It has a hidden hood & pockets. I don’t know how many times that jacket has saved me from the elements.  I even skied in it once.

We all know that air travel can be miserable depending on your seating arrangement. Aside from all the hassles of getting on the plane, once you’re in your cramped little economy seat it becomes difficult to do anything but sit upright, elbows tucked and wait for the journey to be over.

But it seems that long-distance love has paid off for the designers of a travel jacket that has now attracted a record $9m from would-be buyers on crowdfunding site Kickstarter.

Last summer, Chicago-based startup BauBax launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for its new self-titled travel jacket.

The BauBax Travel Jacket is equipped with 15 features that makes it perfect for those traveling. The jacket’s retail price starts at $160 (plus taxes/shipping). It comes in four different styles—sweatshirt, windbreaker, bomber, and blazer—and boasts 15 features targeting the varied torments of air travel, though they’re useful for any kind of travel really. Among them are earphone holders, an iPad pocket, a drink pocket that fits a can of soda, gloves that extend from the sleeves, a telescoping pen built into the front zipper that doubles as a stylus, a passport pocket, and a hood that includes an inflatable neck pillow and sleep mask.

I think it’s a pretty damn good all around solution. Genius right?



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