Beauty Wardrobe: TIPS for Spring changeover

When transitioning into Spring I begin to obsess about making changes to my wardrobe bit by bit.  Spring cleaning on a whole other level. 

Photo: d. king
Photo: d. king

I start to put away my heavy sweaters, wool clothing and switch my hefty luxury cotton bathrobe for a lighter waffle cotton, but not before making sure everything is stored away clean.  Which brings me to some products to help in the process.

I am one who takes care of her belongings in every possible sense.  I’ve been using Wolford wash for delicates like good nylons (namely Wolford) and undies for ages and Mrs. Meyers Lemon Verbena concentrated laundry detergent which is gentle on fabrics as well as the earth.  I take all of that into consideration as a lifestyle choice.  Also I prefer natural clean products with a delicate scent.

Which brings me to something that recently caught my eye when I walked into Hill’s Dry Goods Clothing Store on 4th (in Vancouver).  Aside from noticing the obvious clothing labels I discovered a new cleaning product for clothing.  It’s called The Laundress.  I looked into the product further and thought I’d share some tips from the people over there that might help benefit you when springing into Spring:


  • Our spring wardrobes are in full bloom with this much welcomed warm weather, but are they really ready to be worn? If your garments were in storage throughout the winter, chances are they’ll need a bit of freshening up! Here’s how to rejuvenate your pieces:
  • Be on team “steam”
    Steaming has MANY benefits and we love treating stored garments to a quick session before adding them back to our daily outfit rotation. The process removes wrinkles and kills most germs and bacteria, which helps eliminate odours. Add a capful of The Laundress Ironing Water, scented in our Classic scent, to steamer’s water tank for fragrance.
  • Spritz to achieve the ultimate “clean laundry” smell
    Banish musty odours and freshen garments by spritzing one of our fabric sprays – Fabric Fresh Classic is perfect for this task! It’s scented in a unique blend of lily of the valley, jasmine, sweet musk and sandalwood with a touch of citrus. Added bonus: it’s allergen-free so it’s appropriate for even the most sensitive of noses.
  • “Yikes” moment? Here’s how to conquer yellowing…
  • On Cotton, Linen & Durable Synthetics
  • Treating very yellowed items
    Presoak the item in a basin of hot water mixed with 1 capful of The Laundress All-Purpose Bleach Alternative. Then wash as normal.
  • Treating moderately yellowed items
    Add 2 capfuls of The Laundress All-Purpose Bleach Alternativeto a wash load (without detergent). Then wash again (using detergent) as normal.
  • Treating mildly yellowed items
    Add 2 capfuls of The Laundress All-Purpose Bleach Alternativeto the wash load along with detergent.
  • On Silks and Delicate Synthetics
  • Treating very or moderately yellowed items
    Presoak the item in a basin of tepid/lukewarm water mixed with ¼ cup white vinegar. We use The Laundress Scented Vinegar. Then wash as normal. For extra stain fighting when treating synthetics, add 1 capful of The Laundress All-Purpose Bleach Alternative to the basin of warm water. Do not use on silk or wool.
  • Treating mildly yellowed items
    Add ¼ cup of white vinegar to the wash load or handwashing basin along with detergent. Wash as normal.
  • The Laundress Product of Perfection
    Even if everything looks clean, your nose can sense when things are going sour. Spray stubborn smells away with our nontoxic formula that freshens items by eliminating odor-causing organisms. It’s free of allergens and skin-irritating sodium phosphate typically associated with fabric fresheners.


We love our winter woolies and wish to keep wearing them for months (and years) to come! That’s why we at The Laundress take storing, both long term and short term, seriously.

Improper storage can result in the deterioration and yellowing of fabrics or prompt the growth of mold and mildew. As we can’t imagine our sweaters enduring discoloration and more (and know that you can’t either!), we’ve perfected the art of prepping and packing away seasonal wardrobes. Learn the start to finish process and the products we recommend for best results!

Wash garments before storing long term
Washing before storing prevents mystery stains from appearing over time – even if no stains are visible we recommend including these pieces in your laundry load! Perfume, body products, body oil, food, and dirt can show up after some time and they are much harder to remove. Storing clothes clean also decreases the likelihood of a bug or moth attack.

When washing woolens and down, we suggest using The Laundress Wool & Cashmere Shampoo. For cotton, linen, and durable synthetics, The Laundress Signature Detergent is ideal. Always wash items that are starched before storing – moths love starch!

Pack items in a breathable, cotton bag
When storing wool, cashmere, and all fabrics to be stored folded, it is best to pack in a breathable fabric, such as cotton or linen, with a zip closure. We opt against plastic bins as this material can cause textiles to discolor over time. The Laundress Large Zip Storage & Laundry Bag and All-Purpose Storage Bag will work to protect the fabric’s integrity by shielding dust and critters. Did you know that moths can’t eat through cotton?

Delicate pieces and those prone to wrinkling are best stored folded with acid-free tissue. This practice is ideal for long term storage. Do not hang knits, silks, or synthetics as this will alter the pieces’ shape.

Fur, leather, and outerwear are best stored hung. Improper storage of such pieces can result in their drying out which causes the loss of natural oils. We recommend.  The Laundress Hanging Storage & Garment Bag – it fits up to 6 jackets – over traditional, plastic garment bags as they can cause yellowing and prompt mold growth.

Store in rooms that are clean, cool, dark, and dry
Avoid storing in attics or basements as humid areas are optimal environments for moth breeding, mold, and mildew. Areas that experience extreme temperatures or direct sunlight are not ideal as both will lead to the deterioration of fabrics. It is best opt for rooms that are clean, cool, dark, and dry.

Prepare for silverfish, moth, and bug issues before they happen
Take preventative measures against critters by storing clothing with The Laundress Cedar Drawer Sheet or Lavender Pouch. Both cedar and lavender are scents that naturally repel bugs and moths. Spritzing garments with The Laundress Wool & Cashmere Spray, our nontoxic, allergen-free fabric spray, is helpful as well! Avoid using moth balls as they are toxic, deadly, and have a noxious odour (which is nearly impossible to remove). We do not recommend cedar blocks/chips as their oil can transfer to fabric and create stains.

If your closet has been attacked by critters, you’ll need to quarantine the scene.

Treat mold and mildew growth on garments
If mold or mildew becomes an issue, worry not as such pieces can often be salvaged. The Laundress Stain Solution, Stain Brush, and Scented Vinegar are our go-to for mold removal.

Reorganize closets and drawers each season
Clean drawers, closets, and clothes with each season to freshen items and ensure the absence of critters! Remove clothing and accessories from storage and launder as normal. While waiting on the wash cycles, vacuum and wipe down drawers. We use The Laundress Surface Cleaner and Lint-Free Cleaning Cloth to lift dust and lint. The Surface Cleaner is safe for all surfaces throughout your home, and is made with natural ingredients so it won’t harm fabrics!

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