Feel-good Friday: the 13th  – Feeling Lucky!

There are a whole bunch of myths involving unlucky superstitions for Friday the 13th and their origins…. but that depends on where you live.friday13

In Spanish-speaking countries it is Tuesdays (hopefully not every Tuesday), not Fridays, that hold superstitious omens. Their belief is also held by the Greeks, who consider Tuesdays as dominated by the influence of Ares (the God of War).

My brother was born on Friday the 13th which according to my parents was very good luck because they wanted a son after having me.

Not to worry because life is already a never-ending string of inexplicable events so don’t sweat over one little day!  Make your own luck!

Having said that, just in case…..because you never know don’t let a black cat cross your path and don’t go under a ladder.  And here’s a little recipe to calm your nerves:

courtesy of the Martini Diva
courtesy of the Martini Diva



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