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This is a LifeStyle blog.  Are you getting tired of hearing the term Lifestyle? outdoorliving8

It has become such a common catch-phrase so I looked up the word in Wikipedia just to make certain of the meaning and know that I’m on the right track.  According to them, the term denotes the interests, opinions, behaviours, and behavioural orientations of the person (in this case me, the blogger).

So this blog focuses on things that matter to me on a wide variety of subjects about things that attract my attention, pique my interest and what I find personally inspiring…with an emphasis on style with everything from food to fashion or just plain fun.outdoorliving6It tends to attract a certain following of like- minded people.  I do not have the following of Gwyneth Paltrow or Martha Stewart yet so I gravitate towards tasteful subjects of interest and try to put a personal element into the story whenever possible, which is fairly often, and without controversy. It encompasses my aesthetic of living in general…which I think is pretty simple…for the most part.


In a perfect world I would probably spend my life outdoors.  As it stands, whenever the weather allows for it I do exactly that.  Luckily I have close to 1,000 sq. ft. of outdoor space which I try to make feel as comfortable as possible to enjoy.  This is my perfect lifestyle – doors wide open…indoor/outdoor living.  And dogs are very important! As soon as we got an early surprise summer I scrambled to plant a few geraniums, set out pillows, get fresh flowers and get it together.

My Deck

Now I’m trying hard to pair down and keep things simpler but at the same time so many things have been collected from various travels (including many rocks & shells) and they’re hard to part with because of the memories. I’m one of those people who finds it hard to let go. Almost everything is from somewhere else and has a meaning.  And I’m not traveling so much these days. I’m just a homebody who wants to feel like I’m still traveling.


Which included making these simple summer salads:

Grape tomato & bocconcini with basil & balsamic glaze
(L) Grape|Tomato & baby Bocconcini with torn Basil & Balsamic Glaze. (R) Kale, Yam, Feta & Sundried Tomatoes in a light vinaigrette.


Anyway, this turned out to be a random post because the last four days have been busier than usual with some last minute plans – which are sometimes the best.  I ended up with a ticket to the Who concert on Friday which was so much fun (who says guys in their 70’s can’t rock!) and time spent with girlfriends and last minute brunches/dinners, a committee meeting and a fundraiser.  And I have no clue what I’m going to write next.  But know this….some exciting things are about to take place…..

It’s always an adventure one way or another

These napkins are very hard to come by
These napkins are very hard to come by – they invoke memories of time well spent.


Photos: d. king

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