Beauty: Stick-It!


Here’s a simple solution for Sun Sensitive Skin:stickit1stickit2

A travel friendly, drugstore available, stick in your purse sunstick with high SPF to use before heading out the door and for touchups throughout the day.

We know we need to protect ourselves from the burn but truth be told we don’t want to gain any more sunspots or lines on our face or body.  The stick appears to be a good solution because they’re small enough to carry around and don’t spill. Both these companies are reputable. There are others, but I prefer these two brands for sun protection.

Also, it’s so light you can hardly feel it. It doesn’t replace my usual tinted moisturizer for face with SPF 60 but it’s great for use around the eye & high cheekbone area specifically.

It will become my new staple.

as long as you worship it mindfully
as long as you worship it mindfully and protectfully

Do you have a favourite?


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