LifeStyle: Little Island Living

I decided I like island life for a change of pace.

Kayakers near Salt Spring
Kayakers near Salt Spring – taken from the boat 

Not that my life is so hectic here in Vancouver but it’s just more laid back on a little island where it’s not so easy to escape.  You have to entertain yourself in other ways and learn to just relax.  The views are to blame.  You immediately feel chill when you have a view of the ocean.  You also have to plan better because where I stayed on Piers they have no stores, not even one grocery store, nada.  Which means if you run out of anything it’s a boat trip over to Victoria or Sydney or….any of the other multitude of tiny surrounding gulf islands that have provisions.  You have to be super organized. Once you have all that you need it’s amazing.fulford6fulford7

What I love most is there are no cars on Piers. The only way to reach it is by boat.  Which means the dogs can run free (except for the time Jack ran after a deer and was lost for a few hours when the sun went down) and the air is much fresher. It feels so much healthier. And you get to know your neighbours who are actually very interesting.  Infact it’s a good idea to get to know them anyway should you need anything.  And they’re so willing to help. Island people are friendlier and they make pies and jam and they can sing. The phone book for the tiny island of Piers is only two pages – a printout.  Quite funny actually.  You can walk around the whole island in one hour but there’s also great trails for hiking and amazing sunsets and sunrises.  Or you can just be.

Even Jack has started to kayak.
Even Jack has started to kayak.  He’s on the lookout for other canine kayakers.
Wonder why I thought Jamaica?
Wonder why I thought Jamaica? This is why – Fulford Village, Salt Spring Island

Helps if you have a hobby, are writing a book and can play an instrument, especially guitar.  Singing optional; but appreciated if good.  My friends friend played guitar after dinner then unexpectedly broke into song with another person and they were both amazingly talented.  He said “that’s nothing, sometimes there’s 12 people with mandolin and other instruments”.  A total musical experience.


If you’re a writer you have the quiet.  If you’re a photographer there are many options. If you’re a nature lover you can kayak, walk through the trails or explore other islands.  Go from island to island as many do by kayak or boat.  Some have row boats.  So there we were.fulford13fulford3

At the south end of Salt Spring Island lies the little ferry dock at Fulford Harbour. It’s where we docked when a friend of mine took me and my out of town visitor for a boat ride.  We didn’t plan for it but ended up there.  I was only in Ganges before.  It was several years ago with another friend who had a place on Gabriola.  We ended up staying at a great B+B.  The proprietor served us homemade quince jam with baked goods for breakfast and I had never had that before.  We ended up going back to Gabriola with a bag of quince berries from her tree, bought some jars and made quince jam.  Lots of it.  Getting back to Fulford…fulford14

Selection of handmade cheeses
Selection of handmade cheeses and fresh art – all locally made

Walking around the village reminded me somewhat of Jamaica.  The slower pace to be specific but also the variety of quaint little shops that are Caribbean-like and the surprising number of amenities.  Sooo cute. Among other things they make really good cheeses and coffee which they now sell in many establishments all over British Columbia.

Photo: Masako
Photo: Masako  (Jack, watch out or you’ll get crabbed!).  On Piers Island

I love books (especially meaningful non-fiction) such as:



About Fulford:

fulford12Fulford is the first stop for the majority of visitors to Salt Spring. The village is located at the south of the island on the edge of Fulford Harbour. The ferry terminal for the Swartz Bay-Fulford Harbour (Victoria) run is located here. Although the Village of Ganges is bigger, Fulford has its own distinct charms. Make a point of exploring the area, which has a variety of shops, restaurants and accommodations. The Rock Salt Cafe on the water’s edge has recently been honoured by a listing in the prestigious guide “Where to Eat in Canada“. Organic coffee and baked goods are available from the fascinating Morning Side Bakery just up the street. The Fulford Pub is just a short distance from the village. A little past the pub you will find two of Salt Spring’s fine wineries. If you’re looking for some interesting shops stop in to Stuff & Nonsense and Jambala, where you find a wide variety of unique items. There are several Bed and Breakfast establishments here as well, should you decide to spend a few days.

Yes; I’m already feeling so stressed – I need to go back!

Sidenote: I came home with the best homemade strawberry jam from my friends strawberry bushes.  I think they should do a side business.  Seriously!.

Are you an island person?

Photos of Salt Spring at Fulford: d. king

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