Food: Diversity in Dining

ANCORA Waterfront Restaurantancora6

ancoraancora9Vancouver dining with a view and a twist.  This is what happens when you mix West Coast influence with inspiring Peruvian and Japanese cultures.

When I go out for lunch or dinner I prefer to order something I’m not likely to make at home.  Ancora restaurant (previously “C” directly across from Granville Island) fit the bill perfectly. *I also take into account restaurant patios that accommodate dogs adjacent to your table.

At Ancora the cuisine’s manifesto hinges on sustainable seafoods, locally sourced and international ingredients, while also drawing inspiration from the Pacific Northwestern surroundings. 

Aside from one glass of wine here is what my friend and I ordered on a sunny afternoon last week…


Halibut Ceviche:

with celery, red onion, cancha, yam, cilantro, aji, amarillo tiger’s milk. Not sure who is milking the tiger.ancora1

Dungeness Crab Causa:

yukon gold, quail egg, avocado, olive, huancaina sauce.ancora2

Black Rice Paella with Ling Cod:

chorizo, peruvian corn, baby shrimp, smoked paprika emulsion.




meringue, lemon cream, fresh fruit, raspberry ice cream.ancora4Wonderful View, Good Service, Amazing Presentation.  I loved the ceviche and the ling cod. The sauce was delicious.  The sauce the crab was served on was unfamiliar and likely a developed taste.  If you like meringue you’ll like the pavlova.  My friend loves meringue – I don’t.  The lemon cream, berries and ice cream were very tasty.  The beef short ribs seco was not a hit. The ribs were grizzly but the salsa criolla was quite good. You’re better off sticking with seafood here.  Overall it was a very pleasant afternoon taking in the scenery, relaxing and trying out a new culinary experience.  And of course the company and conversation was most excellent. $$$$ancora7

*There is a rule in Vancouver that you cannot bring your dog inside the restaurant patios. They must be outside the gate and not left unattended.

Photos: d. king


2-1600 Howe Street
Reservations: 604-681-1164

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