Style: SHARP Men

Other than GQ magazine, where do men go to get ideas about


sharp6And how to look more, uh, Sharp?

They can try SHARP  which is a Canadian Toronto based magazine published eight times a year. Six regular issues and two “SHARP: The Book for Men” special editions targeting premium and luxury consumers.
Touted as the essential reference for the modern man.  Basically the issues feature the absolute best in not only fashion but travel, drinks, timepieces and automotive.  Man Made!

sharp4Apparently the launch party for the S/S 2016  book in Toronto was fabulous. There aren’t many fashionable events dedicated solely to men, so when one comes around it’s a big deal.

What better way to celebrate men at their best than with a party featuring a Breitling Fighter Jet Simulator, interactive Harley-Davidson display, and rare scotch tasting by Balvenie? They also had live cigar rolling and custom shoe painting. Automotive sponsor Jaguar was also on-hand with their latest models: the F-PACE SUV, the XF luxury sedan, and the XE sport sedan.  sharp1sharp2

And where was I?? Elsewhere… but I will try to make the next one. I mean…hello world?

To order a free trial issue:

about what SOME MEN like

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