Style: bootie call


Stuart Weitzman ($728)  photo: Lauren Crew
Stuart Weitzman ($728)  photo: Lauren Crew

Oh what a change from flip-flops and open-toed strappy sandals one day to boots the next. A shock to the system after the last three months. Gotta take it sloooow starting with little ankle boots and work my way up (waaay up) from there.

Some women cannot wait to step into some stacked-heel boots (mostly because the pedicure bills were skyrocketing) but not me.  I just had my first and last pedicure of the season yesterday believe it or not.  I went the whole summer doing it on my own and actually ignoring my feet for the most part deciding to concentrate on other things (not related to body parts) but after a nice relaxing foot massage and glossy red toe polish I feel a heel of a lot better.  I’m ready to step it up now. And boots are a big part of my Fall wardrobe and something to look forward to for what’s springing up quickly season.

Not sure you can pull boots off quite yet? Try sporting a pair with your favourite sundress to make the transition on a somewhat sunny day.

Here are some easy to wear styles to consider from Talbots in a reasonable price range:

From top: Talbots Wren Ankle Boots ($219), Talbots Tish Pebbled Leather & Stretch Riding Boots($269), Talbots Tish Grommet-Strap Riding Boots ($279), Talbots Tish V-Gore Ankle Boots ($189)

Are you looking forward to Fall?




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