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Vinyl will outlast more than CD’svinyl

Another latest fashion trend is wearing vinyl.  I have to give some thought to this look as I’m not totally sold on it although it can be sexy depending on how you wear it and what you wear it with.  A little can add a seductive touch of ‘Belle de Jour’ to your Fall/Winter look. It can appear sophisticated or….otherwise.  

Spotted at shows like Loewe, Dior, Isabel Marant and Lanvin.

From left to right: Nina RicciLanvin et Isabel Marant  (My preference is for Nina Ricci but basically I like what the model is wearing underneath the coat.  The Lanvin trench looks a little goth but the model pulls it off because she’s tall & elegant and the model wearing Isabel Marant can wear anything I mean check out the pants because she has a confident edge and she’s cool).

Fashion is Fun.  It’s what you make of it.  If you own it, you can pull off just about anything.

That’s my fashion advice for the week!

*Seen also at Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini, Courrèges, Anthony Vaccarello…

Source: French Vogue



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