Feel-good Friday: meet my new love

He’s black, he’s bright, he’s shiny and he’s brand spanking new. I like that he’s in touch with his feminine side.  Unfortunately this will only be a fair weather romance because he doesn’t like to get too wet or too cold, pay for parking or buy me things. But people have said we look good together.scooter6

We’ll enjoy the ride as long as it lasts.

There were two others before him. Someone stole my last love while I was sleeping so I was keeping my eyes open for a replacement. And the previous one that I was keeping on the side was getting too old so I finally dumped him. He held vintage charm but was set in his ways and I had a hard time controlling him.

So with this new one I didn’t even look around – he was the first thing I saw.  I didn’t think I would consider his type but when I spotted him looking so fine in the shop –  that was it.  I said hey, we belong together. When you know, you know. scooter7


Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the ride.  Remember not to carry too much baggage.scooter5Now I’ve got to find something on the side…..(for my dog)


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