Style: the Wide Leg – tricky or totally chic?

It really depends on how you wear the current in-Style wide leg trousers.


Cropped or not, I think they can appear either sloppy or incredibly chic.  But rather than taking our cues from today’s crop of stylish models and celebs, why not go back in time and look to style icons for a more classic approach?

Because CLASSIC never fades.

Lauren Hutton & Bianca Jagger
Lauren Hutton & Bianca Jagger

How to Wear Wide-Leg Pants Like a Style Icon

One rule of thumb is if you go wider at the bottom, go tighter or at least more fitted at the top. Well maybe that’s my rule but it tends to balance out this look which scares many women.  It’s a nice break from the skinny leg we’ve been wearing forever.  Don’t throw out your skinnies..just saying it’s fun to try something different. And you can chic it up.

Thus, ahead learn how to wear wide-leg pants from the original style stars, like Lauren Hutton and Jackie Kennedy, for the most timeless of looks. You know what they say: “Everything old is new again.” I love that!  


In one of Hutton’s most famous photographs, the model and actress chose a cropped pair of wide-leg pants that graze her ankle, styling them with a silky blouse, blazer, and wide-brim hat. But the key to her look? Her strappy metallic heels that sexed up the ensemble.


Jagger rocked her white wide-leg pants with a matching double-breasted blazer for a winning outfit. Skip the wide collar shirt and bowler hat (even if you’re bowling skip it) for a plunging camisole and loose waves. You’re ready to hit the town.

JACKIE KENNEDYwideleg5As current now as before. (don’t forget turtlenecks are in again). Kennedy’s look is perfect for the kind of in-between weather we’ve been having—wear your wide-leg pair with a cashmere turtleneck and light trench coat for balmier days. Switch to heavier fabrics when it’s colder. Super chic!


Hepburn was absolutely statuesque in her wide-leg pants. Why they work so well? A high-waist fit that is accentuated by a tucked-in blouse and built-in belt. Look for a similar pair that skims the floor when you’re wearing flats. No need for heels with this look although having height helps.


Super Casual. The actress and dancer chose an oversize pair of wide-legs that could easily overwhelm her frame, but she made it work by knotting her blouse to show off her waist.

Now go ahead and try it for yourself!

Source: InStyle Magazine


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