Feel-good Friday: Things to be Thankful for

Thanksgiving is a holiday but in its true spirit should remind us of what to be thankful for. feelgoodfriday2

Here is my updated 10 BEST gratitude list:

  • Happy to be living in Canada (especially now)
  • Not taking good health for granted (sounds cheesy; but really I mean that!)
  • My two siblings and a husband who has stuck with me through thick and thin. He knows me better than anyone else and lets me be me.  He also thinks I look good without makeup.
  • Dogs (they complete me)
  • Trust worthy good friends
  • Dancing and Music (maybe that’s two things but they do go hand in hand)
  • Art
  • Warm places to travel to when the weather becomes unbearable
  • Netflix (my latest addiction is The Crown)
  • Black Friday Deals (just kidding – sort of) & Fridays in generalfeelgoodfriday7

What are you thankful for?


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