Style: Lingerie, the French way

American women wear underwear. French women wear lingerie.

French women seem inherently more confident in their bodies, able to embrace the sensuality of life and love. What’s their secret?



I may not be of French descent and I don’t know if growing up in Montreal had anything to do with it, but I have embraced beautiful lingerie for as long as I can remember.  And that’s why I was so excited to discover a feminine unique brand native to South America which I brought back to sell in Canada for several years.

Yet, even though I tend to wear t-shirt bras, running bras and even yoga bras when need be, nothing shouts “I’m a sexy woman” more than when I put on a lacy, silky undergarment.  We don’t even know if men really appreciate it but just the fact that we have something sensuous underneath our outerwear that makes us feel special is good enough.

Did you see the parade of young, sexy women with perfect bodies strutting the Runway for the annual Victoria’s Secret fashion show the other night?  It was the first time I’ve watched it and it was amazing!  It was filmed in Paris with Lady Gaga and Bruno Mars as guests and the backdrop was pure fantasy and the girls were seamless in their not necessarily seamless undergarments.  These chosen few are really top-notch in their category and the ones who exhibit more personality will surely go on to excel in the magic model kingdom.  But it is not reality as we know it, and on a more somber note it’s probably why  many young women become anorexic or bulimic in comparison.  These girls work out non-stop just so you knowangels1But moving right along….

A Toronto native by the name of Kathryn Kemp-Griffin is the author of a new book entitled “Paris Undressed.”  She moved to Paris with her husband in the 90’s and now also runs lingerie-themed tours of Paris.  She found that in North America comfort was an excuse for a lack of aesthetics.angels2

She realized that after moving to Paris, that lingerie could be something more. The idea is lingerie should be about activating the senses, not fixing perceived flaws.

Paris Undressed goes behind the seams, combining cultural references, expertise, and practical advice to inspire every woman to reconsider her underwear drawer.

It’s good to know that North American women are already embracing this!


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