ART: Paint Party

The most I know about ART is that it’s always best to begin with an empty canvas, a glass of wine and a handful of fun women.

This I know: it's always best to begin with an empty canvas

In a perfect Art World setting

Donna Giraud
Donna Giraud

“I am a painter and I believe art should make you feel something. I believe in inspiring others by sharing secrets so we can all succeed and I believe that buying art should be a positively unforgettable experience.” – Donna

Donna Giraud is an inspiring woman.  She’s also very patient as she instructed me and six other women to create an abstract work of art something painted on a canvas in her studio last week. It was a crash course of sorts but most of all it was FUN.paintparty3a


My creation
My creation

I’d like to try it again sometimedonna1Above painting by Lisa King



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