Feeling Friday: for Jacquie

I decided to post today because we must always find something to feel good about.

But I’m not in my usual feel-good Friday mode because a dear long-time friend of mine finally lost her battle with the big “C” yesterday after a lengthy fight.  Because she was so resilient we all thought she’d keep on keeping on, especially with a big birthday coming up in only ten more days, but even the toughest cannot survive a ticking time bomb.

Friends and family are trying to make sense of it all and of course nothing makes sense so this is all to say:

With a very heavy heart, thank you for being the kind of caring friend you were. Thanks for your sharp wit, intelligence, all the adventures (fights included) and fun memories even the crazy stuff we managed to pull off and know that you were appreciated (like when you manage to put aside your own grief to make time for others) and will be greatly missed.  And that there is NO ONE in the world quite like you.

Like the time we went to Israel 20 years ago and this baby camel followed you around and would not leave your side.  Then you wrote a cute little poem called “Camel Little Closer

Yeah; that’s what I’m talking about! 

Soar high and don’t forget to keep your eyes on us. We’ll be waiting for a sign. But until then. ..we’ll have stories upon stories to keep us laughing and reminded for the rest of our lives.  Your legacy lives on…

furthermore I’m not sure I’ll be able to sit on a deck in the summer with a margarita and not think of you.



One thought on “Feeling Friday: for Jacquie

  1. Beautiful Tribute to Jacquie. She will be missed…I have been thinking of her with a smile as she always Made me laugh… I know you cared deeply for her and will be a void in your life Deb.. My Love to my Sweet Friend Lynda. ❤️

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