Vintage Market Street Style

Introducing Alexis, who moved to Palm Springs one week ago from New York.  Stalked Approached her last Sunday at the once-a-month Palm Springs Vintage Market.  My friend and I couldn’t help but notice her put together from head-to-toe unique look.  Had to talk to her.

Photo: d. king

Alexis told us she’s starting her own line here in Palm Springs.  More on that later.   She previously was assistant to designer Stacey Bendet of Alice & Olivia – a New York City-based contemporary clothing company which I happen to like very much.  The global brand launched at Barneys in 2002, and is now sold in over fifty countries.

Photo: d. king

It’s no secret I Love Hats. Among her personal line will be hats (she makes them herself) with interesting interior linings such as this.  Hidden surprises are always nice. Can’t wait to see what she comes up with.  Until then….

Here’s a Sneak Peek:

Happy Weekend!



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