August Reflections – new beginnings

Can you believe it?  The first week of August is almost over.  Or; the second week of August is almost here.

Any way you look at it everyone seems to relish the month of August…soaking up the remains of summer.  Maybe it’s because school starts in September and people begin to get ready for Fall.  In any event, the month ahead is when many people begin to get more serious about…all kinds of things.

I’ve started early.  I’ve started my New Year as of August 1st even with a few new resolutions.  And I feel really good about it.  Out with the old, In with the new so to speak.  Some unexpected changes have occurred.  And just like that…a new beginning has emerged.  Sometimes something pushes you to get over the hump.  You never see it coming but in hindsight it all makes sense.  Listen to your intuition (it’s always right) and if you get red flags pay attention. As Maya Angelou wisely said “when someone shows you who they are the first time, believe them.”  Try not to let them show you time and time again before you realize who they were all along.  Personality is different than Character. Someone with a strong personality might not have strength of character.  Someone else can be quiet and unassuming but have a trusting character.  Yes; there’s a big difference.  Both are important but if I had to choose – character would win hands down!

So without looking back I choose to forge ahead and make new beginnings.  This website is still a passion and will carry on (with more content next month; after all, I want to enjoy what’s left of August) and I’ll introduce something new and find out where it leads.

Oh; and I learned about Lughnasadh (prounounced lunasa) exactly on August 1st.

On the first day of August a little hummingbird appeared out of nowhere while I was sitting outside enjoying coffee and laughing with a friend. He flapped around us for about 30 seconds before flitting off – perhaps he felt the positive energy. My feeder wasn’t even out and I hadn’t seen one for a few months.  Hummingbirds represent joy, healing, good luck, messages from spirits, and other special qualities. An uplifting sign.

So getting back to Lughnasadh…celebrated halfway between summer solstice and autumn equinox.  It’s the so-called festival of light which ushers in the harvest season to celebrate with friends and family.

Lughnasadh is mentioned in some of the earliest Irish literature and has pagan origins. The festival itself is named after the god Lugh. A Gaelic event that historically was widely observed throughout Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man.

And also very important: the festival is also a time for change, rebirth (not in the sense of physical death, but death of what we no longer need on our path) and thus for the new beginning.  Ahhh yes!

Therefore, a straw doll is often burned on August 1. It stands as a symbol of evil, the dark, the shadow. Burned also because the element of fire also stands for the light. And Lughnasadh is the festival of light. And August 1st is the beginning of the harvest of fruits.

And when we have reaped the harvest, then we are prepared for the dark and cold winter. We spend it in the close circle of our self-chosen family. We use it to gather new strength and discuss new ideas.

So here’s to strength of character, new ideas, growth and harmony.  Oh; and the harvest.

PS: Speaking of harvest – I have a harvest of home grown tomatoes that are starting to ripen.  That’s a story in itself.  I’m growing both beefsteak and little grape tomatoes.  I’ve been tending my garden for a few months now…only to find out that as soon as they began to turn red a few bites were taken out of 4 tomatoes.  Oh those crows!  No problem – I have lots more where that came from, so off to Canadian Tire I go to buy  bird netting.  Then my boyfriend made a trellis around the plants which when he was finished included not only the stretch netting, but also wire hangers and scotch tape.  As you can only imagine, I wasn’t fond of the aesthetics.  But if it kept the crows away I’d take it down once all the tomatoes were eaten.  Then that evening we were invited next door to a friend’s house for dinner.  My boyfriend decided to go back into my place to get something else to drink.  I went home to find out what was taking him so long.  He took longer than expected because he had to loosen a mouse from the netting as he was eating the tomatoes (the mouse; not the boyfriend – at least that’s what he told me!).  I didn’t bother to find out what is sold to keep mice, rats and/or racoons away because

the tomato project will not continue. 

To be continued…


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