The Red Accordian

THIS PLACE is considered one of Vancouver’s Best Kept Secrets.  And like most secrets you want to keep it all to yourself…

but sometimes you can’t help but share the news.  Like right now.  So get in the mood because if you’re…

feeling nostalgic? Or; feel like leaving the comfort of your home to go to the comfort of a place that feels like an extension of your home? Only one with amazing cocktails and menu?  Is this beginning to sound like an ad?  Its not!

It’s the Red Accordian. It’s my new comfort zone.  It’s here in Vancouver’s downtown West End. I’m happy to endorse it.

I love so many things about this place.  For starters I like the sign that points the direction as you walk around trying to locate it.  I love the homey (not homely) building. I was last there when it was a French restaurant called “Le Gavroche” many years ago.

The ambiance now is a warm combination of part bordello, part your grandparents furniture, part old movie set.  There’s a friendly bartender (co-owner Jaime took care of us) and lots of nooks & crannies to sit yourself down.  Not only that; but an outdoor deck, a downstairs patio and a lounge.  Good service, good food (our bread that came with the best hummus ever was actually fried dough – I would live on this, although I know better). I’m not kidding when I say it was that good.

They have a wine list however the cocktail list was too intriguing not to try. I had Grandma’s Garden Gin & Tonic Copa with odd society wallflower (light pink) gin, fever tree aromatic tonic and flower petals. My friend ordered long table cucumber gin, fentiman’s tonic, cucumber ribbon and pea tendrils.  See what I’m talking about?


As for the name of the place…it’s named after the accordion that used to belong to the mother of the Serbian wife of the other co-owner who’s name is Cale.  I feel nostalgic because the only instrument my dad played was an accordion.  He once came home with a red accordion for me when I was very young  (I know; I know…like what was he thinking?) so to indulge him I took a few lessons and could actually play a few tunes. Until I got tired of it.

But I won’t get tired of this Red Accordian – it’s a tough place to leave.
















Photos: d. king


Address: 1616 Alberni Street, Vancouver, B.C.


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