Inspiring Women

Empowered Women Empower Women

Always standing out from the crowd, Tracy is the one wearing orange coat & yellow sneakers.

Yes; it’s a beautiful thing when women build each other up instead of tearing each other down.

We can all use support more than ever right now.  So when beautiful and successful design diva of the desert Tracy Turco decided to head up an Entrepreneurial Women’s Club of Palm Springs despite her otherwise very busy schedule with a baby to boot… I was very pleased to be included on the list.

I’ve always been drawn to strong successful women.  They’re such an inspiration and each of these incredible women have something unique to offer.  It was a collaboration of getting to know one another, exchanging business cards and finally making plans for the next meetup.

A 1962 mid-century hotel with 12 rooms, The Cheetah Hotel was reinvented by local designer Tracy Turco and her property developer husband Jerry, in 2021. They also own the Art Hotel (most photographed hotel in Palm Springs) & the Tiki hotel with more properties to come including an interactive Mod Museum that will have a roller rink and pizza parlour.  Busy people.

We met on the rooftop of the Flannery Exchange which is located in the heart of Palm Springs’ Uptown Design District.  The building is a mixed-use space providing desert guests and residents the opportunity to work, play, shop, dine, and celebrate. My favorite new coffee shop (Cafe La Jefa) is right there along with new shops and more to follow.

Erika (wearing striped sweater in photo) and husband Mike Flannery are no strangers to hospitality and design.  They also own ACME house company vacation rentals.

The next meeting will be held at a soon to be disclosed local restaurant.

Have a wonderful weekend




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