Don’t Worry Darling

Reality is an acquired taste” – a line from the movie

Florence Pugh (Alice) + Olivia Wilde (Bunny)

That’s a very simple but profound statement.  When you think about it, most things in life including movies, are an acquired taste.

When I first heard about the movie “Don’t Worry Darling,” I couldn’t wait to see it.  My connection to Palm Springs and knowing the movie was filmed in the surrounding area was what interested me most. I knew it would be a stylish film and didn’t expect very much other than nice scenery and interesting sets.  

The film focuses on a young couple in the 1950s living a seemingly perfect life in the cloudless company town of Victory, California where some very shady business is taking place.  A distorted view of reality best described as Stepford Wives meets The Matrix.

Florence Pugh (Alice) + Harry Styles (Jack)

Florence Pugh (Little Women) was outstanding as Alice in the lead role, as was musician Harry Styles who played her husband Jack in his debut role as a debonair loving husband in a controlling and regressive reality.

Chris Pine plays Frank, founder of a utopian 1950s desert community known as the “Victory Project.”

Bunny; Alice’s best friend, is played by Olivia Wilde who also directed the movie (excellent job Olivia). Bunny is revealed to be a willing participant in the Victory simulation as, having lost her children in the real world, she comes to Victory to unite with them again.

I loved this movie for the suspense, the actors, the backdrop and the mid-century modern style.

I think Olivia Wilde did a superb job as director.  Didn’t look at the reviews until after.  I know Rotten Tomatoes gave it a very low score but the audience gave it a relatively high one.  It’s one of those things; you either love it or hate it.  I know people who loved the new “Elvis” movie and others who hated it. 

Like everything else; it’s an acquired taste.


Photos: taken from TV HBO on Demand with my Samsung. 
Have you seen it?  If so; let me know what you think.

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