Avocados – the new FRUIT on the block

Okay, technically avocados are a fruit but most people treat them more like a veggie which is unfair considering how versatile they are.avo2

I just ate avocados from Mexico for breakfast, lunch and dinner!  Granted as much as I love avocados, that doesn’t usually happen.  It’s just that on Sunday I spend part of the afternoon at the Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver for the second Avo Showdown Event with chefs who prepared amazingly creative dishes using avocados from Mexico.  It inspired me to incorporate avocados into more dishes.  You should have seen what these chefs came up with and how delicious everything tasted with 10 savoury concoctions and 7 desserts.  Avocado toast is so 2015!

20160410_140641It was difficult for the judges to decide on a first place winner (the winning prize was a trip for two to Club Med Cancun) but the Cannoli where the pastry chef substituted avocado in place of ricotta cheese was the outstanding #1 winner.    

Justin Darnes from Drinks Undressed demonstrated a unique cocktail using smoked avocado and banana infused Cachaca (sugarcane liquour) and passion fruit. avo9avo8 He garnished it with cinnamon dusted banana & avocado coins. Divine! Chef Jonathan Kinney from the academy demonstrated an elegant layered parfait with granola, yogurt and fresh fruit in a wineglass (or sundae dish) topped with sliced avocado and toasted coconut.  Simple but amazing.  And that’s the thing – it is so simple!

Since I am not in favour of wasting food I try to combine leftovers in my fridge into some kind of edible substance, and I like being creative so…..


I did not enter but I think my original Avocado/Tofu Ceviche recipe is a winner. Next year!
I did not enter but I think my original Avocado/Tofu Ceviche recipe is a winner.         Next year!



I make my own homemade granola so using what was in my fridge I just layered it into a margarita glass with yogurt, sliced mango, blackberries and sliced (a little riper than I like) Mexican avocados.  It worked together extremely well and tasted great.


Tuna Avocado Salad on Hearts of Romaineavo11For the dressing I mixed a small amount of mayo and ripe avocados – creamy and perfect! A healthy alternative to mayonnaise. Chopped cucumber, green onion, cilantro & red pepper were mixed in the bowl along with the albacore tuna and avocado chunks.  Hearts of Romaine are a healthy alternative to bread.


MexiGreek Salad for starters – a chopped salad of not overly-ripe Mexican avocados, sweet onion, grape tomatoes, cilantro, cucumber and feta cheese (black olives; optional).  Dressing: lemon olive oil, S+P.

My skin is already looking so much better.  Now I’m not sure if it’s on account of the La Mer Concentrate I’ve been using combined with my own skincare, or the avocados. or all of the above.

The Winners
The Winners

Do you have an original simple recipe using Mexican avocados that you’d like to share?

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Food: Avocado Showdown


Everyone knows that avocados are good for you – they’re known as a superfoodavo4

I mean even avocado toast is a thing. I don’t feel like I need to reiterate all the benefits but I’d love to tell you about an upcoming event in Vancouver to do specifically with avocados from Mexico because let’s face it, they’re the best! An event I’m invited to attend and sample all of the dishes.  Good thing I love avocados!

avo3The second annual  Avoshowdownhosted by Avocados from Mexico, returns to Vancouver , B.C. on Sunday, April 10, 2016 at the Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver (2725 Main St, 1:00 – 4:00 p.m)

Local food lovers and culinary leaders will participate on Sunday April 10th, as 16 of Vancouver’s talented cooks and bakers showcase their creativity by creating an avocado dish for competition.  Six food and lifestyle experts will judge by a blind-tasting.

With the success and popularity of last year’s culinary competition, Avocados from Mexico is celebrating the return of the Avoshowdown  with bigger prizes, including roundtrip travels to a Mexican all-inclusive resort, courtesy of Club Med Canada.  This time, the competition is open to the public.

Did you know?

Of all avocados consumed in Canada, 80% of avocados come from Mexico. Mexico is the world’s top avocado producer (over 1,200 growers in the Michoacán region), far outranking the United States and Chile. Currently, Canada is the second biggest importer of Mexican avocados, ranking under the United States and just above Japan. Venue host chef Jonathan Kinney from the Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver will teach attendees to create their own avocado dish; and  cocktail master, Justin Darnes of Drinks Undressed will reveal a spectacular avocado cocktail that he is creating exclusively for this event . An assortment of avocado appetizers will be created by the team at Northwest Culinary Academy to showcase the versatility of using Avocados from Mexico in every meal.

This year’s competing categories:

  • Savoury Dish (voted by judges)
  • Dessert/Pastry (voted by judges)
  • Foodie’s Choice (voted by entrants and spectators)

For more recipe ideas, nutritional information and tips, visit www.avocadosfrommexico.ca.

Here is the link to my vegetarian ceviche recipe (with Avocados of course):

d. king
d. king