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Never wear a discontinued color again! 

Bite Lip Lab
Bite Lip Lab

With Bite Lip Lab it’s pretty easy to find your perfect lipstick match. 

bitelip2Facing up: Lipstick is a pretty important (possibly ‘the’ most important) part to perfecting our makeup look.  Otherwise we wouldn’t be Eating on average 4-7 Pounds of Lipstick in our Lifetimes – would we?

It can’t be all too healthy but we do it anyway – because we’re rather lipstick obsessedbitelip3

How many times have you come across that ‘perfect’ color and then the next time you go to buy it the company has decided to suddenly  discontinued it.  And you have to wonder – were you the only person buying it?  This can be very upsetting – as many colors as there are it’s not that easy trying to find a great shade to suit us.  So don’t throw away your last tube just yet.

You can take in an old or discontinued lipstick to Bite Lip Lap & have them re-create it for you.  They can make a custom made lipstick using a magic lipstick machine in just 7 minutes – which involves melting down the different bullets of lipstick (they look like chocolate truffles!), adding a scent (like cherry, violet, peppermint, or superfruit), pouring the mix into lipstick molds and allowing the formula to harden on a cold plate.  It’s as simple at that!  Then all you have to do is buy two. Looking for the perfect red for a night out?  How incredible is that?

Bite Beauty Lip Lab, 174 Prince Street, at Thompson Street (646-484-6111)

You can always stop by in between visits to museums & art galleries but to some, this alone might be worth the visit to New York.


A 2012 study found that waitresses who wore lipstick got higher tips from men, and scientific research from 2010 found that women wearing red lipstick received the “most prolonged gazes” from men. And yet we’ve know plenty of guys who say they simply hate the stuff.  We can’t please everyone.

 Designer Bill Blass once said : “When in Doubt Wear Red.”  What exactly did he mean?

Red lipstick is a source of strength,’ says Poppy King, creator of Lipstick Queen. ‘You put it on and suddenly you feel more capable than you did without it.’

Consider Jean Harlow’s pointed red pout in the 1930s, Veronika Lake’s in the 1940s and Marilyn Monroe’s in the 1950s. None of these actresses was known for playing the girlish ingénue. They were women with overtly feminine power. They were knowing.

The lure of looking feminine but remaining powerful was such a glorious notion, it’s little wonder women started to use red lipstick as a tool to communicate their own self-possession.

The thing about red lipstick – it’s a beautiful case of chicken and egg. It may require confidence to wear, but confidence can actually be a result of putting on red lipstick – and no one needs to know which comes first.