Style – WHITEout!

Who loves wearing all white, all the time?  webster1

Okay, I’m talking mainly on vacation here but it’s great that white or versions of white (like off-white, winter white, antique white, ivory, & cream) are being worn more in winter now.webster5

In a perfect world I would be wearing white (and its various counterparts) with colourful accents like jewelry, scarves and shoes with wild abandon & no need to carry a clorax bleach pen (not unlike tide-to-go but for whites only) because nothing would get in the way of spoiling my whites.  Not chocolate, not coffee, not red wine nor spices like saffron and tumeric.  It would just always remain unstained and looking pure.  In other words, perfect right?webster2So, it was super exciting to find out (from another blog I follow so you see – what goes around, comes around) that The Webster, Miami and Bon Marché, Paris were collaborating on an all-white collection. There are more than 50 designers involved in the partnership across fashion, beauty, and home, including Chanel, Dior, Chloe… and the list goes on and on. The best part is also the worst part – all-white designs will only be available from The Webster and Bon Marché – but only until February 21, 2015.  Yes, it will feel extra special because of this but if you don’t live in either locale you better hurry up and book your ticket.  Not much time left.webster3

Okay, I’m ready to book my flight to Miami or Paris.  Who’s with me?