Health MATTERS – why “no diet” is the best diet

Yippee!  WE DON’T REALLY HAVE TO DIET AFTER ALL.  How great is that???  


his latest book
His latest book.  Available at

Here to explain in a short video below is nutritional researcher, health expert and best selling author  Brad King.

Brad stopped by the Global News Morning show in Edmonton (on his Canadian book tour) to talk about “DIRTY DIETS.”


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Now excuse me while I go to the fridge….

health MATTERS – The “dirty” on dieting

An exposé of secrets & lies!

Do you know anyone who is not trying to shed a few pounds? This new book by Brad King explores why 99.5% of diets actually make you fatter!

dirty dietsWhat if all those calorie-sparse meals and lite foods you’ve embraced to tackle your weight loss needs are actually responsible for making you fat?

Dirty Diets takes you inside the world of processed foods and the diet industry to expose the secrets they do not want you to know. This book will help you finally understand—in spite of the low-fat, lite-food lies—how we got fat to begin with and why we can’t seem to lose the weight no matter how hard we try. Dirty Diets shows you exactly what you need to do to finally lose your excess body fat so you’ll look, feel, and perform the way you’ve always dreamed.

For those who aren’t as clued in as me.  Ha…as I take a bite of my healthy snack: a dairy + gluten-free chocolate dipped macaroon from the bakery around the corner.  They’re so tiny – just popped five into my mouth while I’m typing this.  Uh oh…I just checked the label on the back…..first ingredient is sugar (although 100% cane but even so) and it contains hydrogenated palm kernel oil and each little cookie is 70 calories.  I just consumed 350 calories in 30 seconds!  I think we all need to read this book!

A look inside:

How and why the diet industry continually deceives us

How “diet” and “lite” foods encourage your body to store fat

How your self image is killing your chances of becoming lean

How environmental factors make and keep you fat

How you can stimulate fat releasing hormones 24/7

How to stop insatiable cravings once and for all

How the wrong type of exercise can make you fat

How sleep can boost your metabolism

How you can eat delicious, healthy food at home or at restaurants and not derail your progress

And so much more..


Brad King
Brad King

Brad King is a nutritional researcher and the author of 11 books including the international best sellers Fat Wars, Bio-Age and the award winning Beer Belly Blues.  His depth of knowledge and sense of humour make him a popular interview and he has been featured on thousands of television programs.

This book is now available on (the Kindle version is 60% off).  It will soon be available at

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