Style – FABulous on 4th

I’m excited to report that FAB is back!fab3

It’s been many years since the fashionable boutique on 4th moved to new headquarters in Kerrisdale. Happy to have them back in the Kits neighbourhood! Fab was one of the first little shops to bring designer jeans from L.A. and New York to Vancouver and what’s so funny as it so happens, is that when I surprisingly stumbled upon the store once again I was wearing a pair I had bought from them that I hadn’t worn in years.  By coincidence I just pulled them out of the bottom of my drawer and said “hey, it’s been a while…let’s see if we can still get it on.” What’s even better is that they still fit and look as good as new.  I realize that the items I did buy from them then, I still have and they did not go out of style. 

I have my eye on the white t-shirt dress.
I have my eye on the white t-shirt dress.

fab5What’s new at FAB: some things are better tried on.  I can now spot something that doesn’t quite go WOW on the hanger and know it will look great on and become a staple.  Bonus – this time everything is under $100.  They still sell jeans just not with the high price tag.

FAB Clothing

Ella (L) and Andrea (R) will be happy to help you out
Ella (in stripes) and Andrea (in cobalt blue) will be happy to help you out.

2151 West 4th Ave. (between Arbutus & Yew)fab4

 Welcome back – we missed you!

 They have some fun retro styles perfect for summer, lots of hats, accessories and even some choice nail polish colours by “Butter London.”

Don’t forget to tell them that you heard it here.

Photos: d. king

style & substance – WHITE NOW!

How do you feel about white on white on white?

Summer is the perfect time to break out all the stops on anything white – even shoes and handbags……….while we can.  That’s not to say we can’t wear white all year long – just not so much of it.

Miranda Kerr
Miranda Kerr

I love the freshness of white and the fact that you can pretty much dress it up or down with scarves, belts & jewelry.  White with turquoise looks amazing. I specifically love white and beige together or white with black for a more graphic look (more on that later).

White was all over the runways with most designers showing “all white” looks from  feminine dresses to tailored blazers.

Tons of designers sent all white looks down the runways from feminine dresses to sophisticated tailored blazers. – See more at:
Tons of designers sent all white looks down the runways from feminine dresses to sophisticated tailored blazers. – See more at:
Tons of designers sent all white looks down the runways from feminine dresses to sophisticated tailored blazers. – See more at:

Let’s have a look at some more recent trends on this theme

Red carpet white - 2013 Oscars - Charlize Theron
Red carpet white – Charlize Theron at 2013 Oscars from Images.
Menswear 2013 –
Solange Knowles
Solange Knowles
Karlie Kloss at Mercedes Benz Fashion Fall-Winter-2013 (

caseofcouture.comWHITE HOT!

Then of course the classics – white shirt, white jeans & white sneakers.  All the time, anytime.

The jean
The jean
Converse - taken by Garance Dore
Converse – taken by Garance Dore

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Words – from the GLOBAL LUXURY Fashion Summit

Fashion fades, only style remains the same – Coco Chanel

Style is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma 

God is really only another artist. He invented the giraffe, the elephant and the cat. He has no real style, He just goes on trying other things – Pablo Picasso

Comments below taken from REUTERS reporters…..

at the GLOBAL LUXURY and FASHION SUMMIT in fashion capitals ranging from Paris to New York. Here are some memorable quotes from the summit (like being a fly on the wall  – we can Yvesdrop a little):


“There has been a big gap between what was done in the studio and clients’ expectations, but a new generation of designers is now trying to reconcile creativity and clients’ needs.”


“It’s a smile at reception, calling the guest by their name, serving breakfast on time, not making any mistakes with the bill.”


“There’s experience and there’s conscientiousness. Conscientiousness is harder and harder to find. It’s the culture of constant channel-hopping.”


“It’s very unfortunate what happened, the state he was in, the stupidity that came out of his mouth, the fall. But it’s not just in fashion that you fall. Strauss-Kahn had a bigger fall.”

“I wanted to be an independent woman and I wanted to be in control. I became that woman through fashion … Everything about my life is all about the same thing. It’s about empowering women.”  my side note: I met DVF one night at a nightclub in New York – many eons ago. The friends she sat with offered me some champagne and a seat beside them.  She was once on the cover of “TIME” Magazine with her famous wrap dress. One I tried very unsuccessfully to copy in a sewing class.  A testament to things that look simple but are not.  ALL women look good in THAT DRESS.

LE PRINTEMPS CEO PAOLO DE CESARE: ON CUSTOMER LOYALTY – Higher-end customers don’t want to trade down. Maybe they delay the purchase a little, but they stay with the brand. Even if times are tougher, they stay with the brand.”

Russians are coming back. There is a clear correlation between the oil price and the number of Russians coming to our stores.”

BARBARA BUI (BBUI.PA) DEPUTY CEO JEAN-MICHEL LAGARDE – “I have the impression that many brands are re-centering their production in Europe. Many people tried to make shoes in China and it didn’t work.”

YOOX (YOOX.MI) CEO FEDERICO MARCHETTI  –  “Russia will be a very promising market, probably faster than many other markets like India. I think Russia is probably around the corner, while India is a few miles far from being a really interesting market for luxury goods.”

Opening in China was a big challenge. We had to check 103 to-do-list items. From big issues to small issues. It’s definitely not an easy job to localize in China.”

Fashion is something that comes after style – John Fairchild quote

INtrigue INsider – IN Garbe

Not only is the “Biko” (bamboo fleece sweatshirt) by Garbe my most comfortable and cozy new staple but it’s also super stylish as well with the

raglan sleeves,

deep side pockets

and french back seam

My only worry is that I’ll be wearing it way too much but at least it’s flattering worn with a multitude of bottoms.

Shown with the Hayden Pant in wool jersey with big side pockets.