Style – FABulous on 4th

I’m excited to report that FAB is back!fab3

It’s been many years since the fashionable boutique on 4th moved to new headquarters in Kerrisdale. Happy to have them back in the Kits neighbourhood! Fab was one of the first little shops to bring designer jeans from L.A. and New York to Vancouver and what’s so funny as it so happens, is that when I surprisingly stumbled upon the store once again I was wearing a pair I had bought from them that I hadn’t worn in years.  By coincidence I just pulled them out of the bottom of my drawer and said “hey, it’s been a while…let’s see if we can still get it on.” What’s even better is that they still fit and look as good as new.  I realize that the items I did buy from them then, I still have and they did not go out of style. 

I have my eye on the white t-shirt dress.
I have my eye on the white t-shirt dress.

fab5What’s new at FAB: some things are better tried on.  I can now spot something that doesn’t quite go WOW on the hanger and know it will look great on and become a staple.  Bonus – this time everything is under $100.  They still sell jeans just not with the high price tag.

FAB Clothing

Ella (L) and Andrea (R) will be happy to help you out
Ella (in stripes) and Andrea (in cobalt blue) will be happy to help you out.

2151 West 4th Ave. (between Arbutus & Yew)fab4

 Welcome back – we missed you!

 They have some fun retro styles perfect for summer, lots of hats, accessories and even some choice nail polish colours by “Butter London.”

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Photos: d. king