Trina Turk: PS Style

Spring is in the air which makes us all want to lighten up and brighten up a bit more, especially with our clothing choices.

With clothing in general I tend to lean more towards solids and neutrals.  I think it looks chic but ultimately easier to accessorize with jewellery and scarves. Here in Palm Springs where women dress in bold bright prints, neutral is almost considered a dirty word. Sheesh!

But whether it’s solids or prints we prefer, designer and style icon Trina Turk has us covered literally.

with Trina (middle) and friend Kathy.

I’ve always loved her colourful resort style aesthetic and even own a few pieces which always makes me feel more alive when wearing them.  It’s quintessentially California (but really Palm Springs) lifestyle which captures a multicultural sunny mix of fabrics and playful pattern choices from short cocktail dresses to polished suits, bathing suits, caftans and more. Whatever the choice, it’s always eye-catching.

The Trina Turk flagship boutique is located in the uptown design district of Palm Springs.  There’s another store at El Paseo in Palm Desert.  Other locations include  Los Angeles and Dallas. 

There’s also a Mr. Turk section of the store for men who aren’t afraid of vibrant color, graphic prints or statement suiting.

opening night fashion week March/2022

I had the pleasure of meeting Trina twice recently.  Once at the opening of the eclectic “Market Market” and last Sunday at “Very Vintage” in Palm Desert where friend and vintage curator Kathy Murphy presented Trina with an award for her contribution to Palm Springs style with her eponymous color driven Lifestyle brand.  It was a great time seeing all the fashionistas, perusing the vintage vendors, listening to Trina talk about how she started out and finally, the fab fashion show.

Trina Turk clothing rack at Very Vintage outdoor market experience.


Style: Who’s Next

Cool..Comfy..Casual..Colorful..California Wear.. with a French Twist

While wandering around the usual familiar shops on Palm Canyon Drive a few weeks ago I came across a store that escapes the ordinary.

Shirts, Pants, Shorts, Sweaters
Shirts, Shorts, Sweaters, Sunglasses, Pants, Body care, Accessories for men and women

Who’ S Next  (that’s the name of the store) specializes in exclusive French fashion brands with an obvious crush on Brigitte Bardot.  I mean who else to better embody a chic laid back St. Tropez resort style than Bardot…Riiight??whosnext4

I’m not such a fan of wearing images of famous people or slogans for that matter, however I ended up leaving the store with a few items, one of which was a faded image of Bardot on a lovely top with three quarter length sleeves and V-neck back. The other was the kind of shirt I want to live in. A long-sleeved light-weight cotton shirt that comes in 25 colors. Lots of variety.…reasonably priced. I only bought one but I want the other 24.whosnext5

There were linen shirts a plenty.whosnext2
whosnext6whosnext8What’s next?  The pants!  I’m told they are a must something to consider.

The owner, Benjamin Perdereau lived in Aix Provence in Southern France, and visited his parents often in Palm Springs. He owned and operated a store in Southern France and believed it needed to be recreated here.  Thank you Benjamin!whosnext3


Unfortunately I discovered the store after the November opening complete with entertainment, fashion show and French crepes.

C’est la Vie!

Photos: d. king

Shop online @

Address: 184 N. Palm Canyon Dr




Style at the Beach/Pool – What suits you

Getting ready for a little WINTER GETAWAY?swim2You don’t want to pack too much but you want to make sure you have everything you need.

Canyon Beachwear
Canyon Beachwear


A bathing suit is always one of the most essential things to consider for your resort/vacation stay… but what about all the little extras that go along with it….like your beach towel, sun hat, after swim cover up and beach bag.  Don’t you love beachy accessories?

It’s weird that I still have a thing for bathing suits even though I have a whole drawer dedicated to them.  I just love a nice swimsuit – either a one or two-piece and I have a collection from various travels.  This time on holiday I took only two – one of each kind but the problem was I didn’t want to ruin either of them in the hot tub.  The hot tub (après swim or in the evening) tends to stretch your suits from their original shape over time. You have to immediately run them under cold water after being in the Jacuzzi.  One time I had to have a designer swimsuit altered a size smaller because the bottom got stretched out. Normally I wouldn’t care but this one was too nice to throw away.

I keep thinking that I’ll take along an old suit that I don’t really care about for hot tub purposes only but I can’t bring myself to wear something I don’t like.  Anyway, I wasn’t planning on it only scheming but I ended up buying a few new bikinis on sale that I planned to use only in the hot tub because the prices were too good to pass up (ha, ha, that’s what I told myself).  Problem was they’re really nice and as I ended up liking them so much I had to limit my time in the hot tub altogether.  It’s not the worst problem someone could have in the big scheme of things. But still…

In Palm Springs I came upon a swim wear store that caught my eye because of their playful display at the front entrance.  I loved the brightly coloured little zippered bags to enclose stuff like sunblock, lip balm and the like and also believe it or not, old fashioned bathing caps.

Canyon Beachwear
Canyon Beachwear

Did I really say that?

Canyon Beachwear
Canyon Beachwear

Bathing caps are normally not something that attracts my attention but these were kind of fun and reminded me of something old time movie star Esther Williams might have worn in “Million Dollar Mermaid”.  Maybe they’re making a comeback.

  Because let’s face it, there’s nothing less attractive than covering your head in one of those ugly stretchy caps and then wearing swim goggles to boot …..nothin!

Unless you're Will Ferrell - of course then, anything will look good on you.
Unless you’re Will Ferrell – of course then, anything will look good on you.

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