Friday Fashion Show Luncheon

Our wonderful group of seven enjoyed a fabulous meal at Wally’s Desert Turtle in Rancho Mirage last Friday, while models wearing local designer wear from some of the shops on El Paseo walked around while we ate lunch and chatted.

L-R: Candy, Mini, Libby, Megan, Kathy, Tammy, Debbie.

There was also a little pop-up shop inside the restaurant where we could buy some of the fashions as well as local jewellery.  Which of course, we did.

What a wonderful concept!

Especially at the most highly awarded restaurant in the desert, designed by famed interior designers Steven Chase and Randy Patton.  With bevelled mirrored ceilings, Peruvian artefacts and hand-painted murals, the restaurant has a refined ambiance and a classically trained chef to enjoy all the special culinary creations.

Kathy ended up buying the dress that the model was wearing. It looked great on her.

In the evening there’s live music in the Sahara Lounge which has been enjoyed by countless celebrities from Frank Sinatra to Tom Hanks.

If you’re curious about the funny name it’s because Mr. Wally Botello was the Founder of the famed fine-dining Velvet Turtle chain. The restaurant is now owned and operated by Wally’s son Michael and granddaughter Maddy.

The third course was either a lemon meringue tart, carrot cake (sold out) or chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice cream (my choice shown here).