Health MATTERS: Turmeric Root Extract Theracurmin™

Rooted in Tradition, Enhanced by Sciencecumin-690x271It was suggested to me recently that I look into Theracurmin capsules.  I already know the benefits of ingesting Turmeric and many other spices – part of the reason that I decided to make curries again was because of using the various amounts of spices required.  My aim is to incorporate tasty meals that have health benefits to boot.  Sometimes it also helps to supplement.

Here is an article by Dr. Michael T. Murray for living naturally which explains the benefits of this natural product.Profiles

The root of the turmeric plant (Curcuma longa), a member of the ginger family, has been used in India for thousands of years as the principal spice in curry and as an Ayurvedic medicine for supporting the body’s natural inflammatory response system. A century ago turmeric’s primary active compound, curcumin, was isolated. This valuable natural compound gives turmeric its vibrant yellow color and its medicinal qualities. An explosion of scientific research, literally thousands of studies, with curcumin has deepened and expanded our understanding of curcumin’s unique health effects in supporting many body functions. While much research has documented curcumin’s effects, most research has focused on in vitro (test tube) or animal studies. The big shadow over curcumin is that in humans its oral absorption (bioavailability) is quite low and once it is absorbed it is rapidly changed to other compounds or broken down. Clinical studies show that amounts as high as 12 grams of curcumin powder failed to significantly raise blood levels. To address this issue of poor bioavailability, a number of processing techniques have been developed to enhance the absorption of curcumin. Natural Factors Curcumin Rich Turmeric Root Extract contains Theracurmin, a natural turmeric extract preparation with by far the highest absorption profile.

What is Theracurmin?

Theracurmin is an all-natural preparation that utilizes advanced techniques to reduce the particle size of curcumin then disperse it with a very unique natural suspension to dramatically increase its solubility. The result is a dramatic increase in the absorption of curcumin compared to all other commercial forms tested, including other enhanced forms of curcumin. At equal dosage levels, Theracurmin produces blood levels in human and animal studies that are 30-40 times greater than regular curcumin.

 Theracurmin Increases “Free” Curcumin

Theracurmin is the only curcumin preparation to demonstrate a clear dose response. What this means is that even small dosages of Theracurmin increase blood measurements of curcumin and as the dosage Turmeric Root Extract Theracurmin™ Highly Bioavailable Curcumin increases so does the blood level. This increase is linear, meaning that it increases in the blood in a parallel fashion to the dosage. This absorption profile is extremely important as the effectiveness of curcumin within the body requires achieving effective concentrations. Theracurmin is able to achieve necessary concentrations within the body that are not likely to be easily achieved, if at all, with other curcumin preparations. In addition to being poorly absorbed, curcumin is rapidly metabolized in the liver. When measuring levels of curcumin in the blood during absorption studies the value of curcumin is based upon total curcuminoids including metabolites. The only product form that has shown to actually increase the free curcumin form is Theracurmin. As free curcumin is significantly more active than the metabolites, it is extremely likely that Theracurmin is not only better absorbed, but it also produces additional benefits compared to other supplemental forms of curcumin.

What Are The Benefits of Theracurmin?

What research has continually documented is that curcumin is highly pleiotropic, meaning it exerts multiple actions. Foremost is curcumin’s ability to influence many factors involved when normal inflammatory processes get out of balance. It has also demonstrated significant effects in preventing the accumulation of compounds associated with premature aging. For example, beta-amyloid is a compound linked to aging in the brain. It is kind of like a biochemical scar in brain tissue that reflects damage due to inflammation. Curcumin is showing great promise in preserving brain health by preventing the accumulation of beta-amyloid. However, in order for this benefit to be realized, it must be absorbed. Here are some of the other benefits shown with curcumin: • Potent antioxidant • Supports the body’s natural inflammatory response system • Promotes the liver’s ability to detoxify.

 How Much Theracurmin Do I Need?

The suggested usage of Theracurmin based upon current clinical evaluation is 150 to 300 mg per day. Although this amount is significantly lower than many other forms of curcumin, keep in mind that the amount of curcumin you take is not as important as how much you absorb.

Dr. Michael T. Murray is one of the world’s leading authorities on natural medicine. He has published nearly 30 books, including the best-selling Encyclopedia of Healing Foods and The Pill Book Guide to Natural Medicine. He is chairman of Dr. Murray Natural Living, Inc. and director of product development at Natural Factors, which produces a line of vitamins and supplements. He is a graduate and faculty member of Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington.

Here is my healthful morning TEA with TUMERIC recipe:20150501_094849

Squeeze a few slices of lemon & fresh ginger into a mug and pour very warm to moderately hot water over top. Add about a tsp. each of cayenne pepper & powdered tumeric,   Sprinkle a bit of dried cinnamon and add a tsp. of honey. Mix, drink & enjoy.

B Well – Bonding with Daniel Craig

Mr. Bond

Yeah; I love that dream thought! James Bond is always a good role model and let’s face it Daniel Craig put some extra effort into presenting the best Bond physique by far.  No small feat so if you want to know how he did it just keep reading.  I was exhausted just looking it over.  Courtesy of Ron Zalko via Linkedin.

Note to self: I don’t want to gain muscles like him but I’d like to have a somewhat stricter workout regime and this was definitely inspirational:

The Daniel Craig Workout & Diet

To prepare for his role as Bond, in the film Casino Royale, Craig packed on the beef and became the most muscular James Bond of all-time. His physique caught the attention of Bond fans worldwide and his acting earned him a great deal of praise. The successful transformation of his physique caused everyone to ask how he did it.

Craig’s Workout Program

Daniel Craig enlisted the services of a highly touted British personal trainer in Simon Waterson, who also served in the British military. Waterson designed a program that would help Craig to put on lean muscle through a method of training known as circuit training.  This is where you perform a group of exercises consecutively, without any rest.

Unfortunately, there has been a great deal of debate over what Craig’s specific workout routine was for his role in Casino Royale. There are numerous media outlets and popular health sites that have conflicting information about Craig’s workout. Additionally, there are several online sources with inaccurate comments from Daniel Craig.

The Workout Routine

The following routine has been published in several sources including Men’s Health magazine.

Monday: Circuit training for 3 sets of 10 reps on each exercise. The routine consisted of the following exercises:

  • Clean and press
  • weighted knee raise
  • weighted step-ups
  • pull-ups
  • incline push-ups
  • dips

Tuesday: Chest and Back workout at 4 sets of 10 reps for the following exercises:

  • incline bench press
  • pull-ups
  • incline flyes
  • incline pushups

Wednesday: Leg workout at 4 sets of 10 reps for the following exercises:

  • squats
  • stiff-leg deadlifts
  • leg curls
  • weighted lunges

Thursday: Arms and Shoulder workout at 4 sets of 10 reps for the following exercises:

  • incline curls
  • dips
  • lateral raises
  • shoulder press

Friday: Repeat of Monday’s circuit training routine

Saturday: Rest day or light cardio and stretching

Sunday: Rest day or light cardio and stretching

There are other sources claiming that Craig’s workout was 5 days a week of circuit training and/or adding several other exercises to the program. However, these sources are not as credible as Men’s Health magazine. Additionally, some sources claim that Craig finished up his workouts with a session of three different ab exercises.

Daniel Craig’s Diet

In addition to a strict workout regimen, Craig was also on a strict diet. However, like the reported workout program, there are numerous variations of Craig’s diet. Here’s what many sources claimed was Craig’s diet:

  • Breakfast: A bowl of porridge or 2 poached eggs on brown bread/toast
  • Snack -A protein shake with some nuts or fruit
  • Lunch– Lean meat or fish with salad & small amount brown rice or a baked potato
  • Snack – A protein shake with nuts or yogurt
  • Dinner –  Lean meat or fish with dark green leafy vegetables like broccoli or spinach

Craig’s diet was allegedly one of low carbs and high protein. It was a healthy blend of lean meats, fruits and vegetables. This is consistent with those who are trying to put on lean muscle and lose body fat. Additionally, Daniel ate 5 small meals throughout the day to improve his metabolism. Craig reportedly fueled up on carbs and protein before and after his workouts.

Supplements Taken

In addition to his strict diet and workout routine, Craig reportedly took the following supplements:

  • Creatine – for muscular recovery, strength and size
  • Glucosamine – for joint health
  • Glutamine – to improve the immune system and aid with muscle recovery
  • Whey Protein – for muscle tissue repair and growth


Whatever Craig’s official workout was, it came under the supervision of a trained professional. Do not try his workout routine unless you have been properly trained, have significant experience, and have been medically cleared to participate in vigorous workout routine. Also, check with your doctor before trying some of the supplements that Craig took, although they are widely accepted among health and fitness professionals. Tailor a diet that best suits your goals and daily requirements.


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